Kurwa etymology


Polish word kurwa comes from the Proto-Slavic word *kury (whore), which itself has contested origins: some believe it comes from the Proto-Indo-European *keh₂- (desire, wish) while others see a relation with *kurъ (cock, rooster)

Etymology of kurwa

Detailed word origin of kurwa

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*keh₂- Proto-Indo-European (ine) To desire, wish.
*keh₂ros Proto-Indo-European (ine) Loved.
*kurъ Proto-Slavic (sla-pro) Cock, rooster.
*kury Proto-Slavic (sla-pro) Whore.
kurwa Polish (pl) (vulgar) fuck!, shit!, damn!. (vulgar) used as filler. (vulgar) used as intensifier (offensive, vulgar) whore, slut, bitch; term of abuse for women. (vulgar) prostitute.

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