Meisje etymology


Dutch word meisje comes from Proto-Indo-European *mogʷʰótis, Proto-Indo-European *maghu-, Proto-Indo-European *magʰ(u)-, and later Proto-Germanic *magaþs (Maiden, girl. Virgin.)

Etymology of meisje

Detailed word origin of meisje

Dictionary entry Language Definition
*mogʷʰótis Proto-Indo-European (ine) girl
*maghu- Proto-Indo-European (ine) fellow, bachelor, unmarried, fellow, bachelor
*magʰ(u)- Proto-Indo-European (ine)
*magaþs Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Maiden, girl. Virgin.
magith Old Dutch (odt) Virgin, young female.
magit Middle Dutch (dum)
meid Dutch (nl) Commonly used as an address for female pets, especially female dogs.. Girl, lass. Maid.
meisje Dutch (nl) Girl (especially of a premature age).