Krijgen etymology


Dutch word krijgen comes from Proto-Germanic *krīganą (To be stiff, stubborn; to strive.)

Etymology of krijgen

Detailed word origin of krijgen

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*krīganą Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) To be stiff, stubborn; to strive.
*krīgan Old Dutch (odt)
crigen Middle Dutch (dum) To acquire, to gain (through effort). To get, to receive, to be given.
krijgen Dutch (nl) (auxiliary) Used to form a passive sentence with a ditransitive verb, with the original indirect object becoming the subject of krijgen.. (copulative) to get, to (manage to) cause to become. (transitive) to catch (a disease), to become ill with. (transitive) to get, to be presented with. (transitive) to get, to receive, to come into possession of (anything ranging from concrete to abstract [...]