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Latin word transire comes from Latin eo, Latin trans-, Latin trans (Across, beyond.)

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eo Latin (lat) (with abl. or loc.) there, in that place.. (with ablative) therefore, because, for that reason.. (with dative, of motion) to that place, thither.. (with dative, of tendency) to that end, with that purpose.. (with dative, of time) until, so long, up to that time.. (with quo, of quantity) so much, by so much. (business) I go for; I am sold at (a certain price).. (intransitive) I go.. (legal) I [...]
trans- Latin (lat)
trans Latin (lat) Across, beyond.
transeo Latin (lat) (figuratively) I cease, pass away.. (of time) I pass, elapse.. I go over (to a side or faction). I pass over.. I surpass, exceed.. I traverse, go across.

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comes exitus ire iter