Pendere etymology


Latin word pendere comes from Proto-Indo-European *(s)pen-, and later Proto-Italic *pendēō (Hang, be hanging.)

Etymology of pendere

Detailed word origin of pendere

Dictionary entry Language Definition
*(s)pen- Proto-Indo-European (ine)
*pendēō Proto-Italic (itc-pro) Hang, be hanging.
*(s)péndeti Proto-Indo-European (ine)
*pendō Proto-Italic (itc-pro) Hang, put in a hanging position.
pendeo Latin (lat) I am ready to fall, hang suspended.. I am suspended, interrupted or discontinued.. I am uncertain, perplexed or in suspense.. I hang (down), I am suspended; hover, overhang, float.. I hang about, loiter, tarry, linger.. I hang down; I am weak or without strength; sag, droop.. I hang upon a person's words; listen attentively to.. I have weight or value.. I rest or depend upon.. I weigh.