Mettere etymology


Italian word mettere comes from Proto-Indo-European *mith₂-, Latin ite, missa est

Etymology of mettere

Detailed word origin of mettere

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*mith₂- Proto-Indo-European (ine) to exchange, remove
ite, missa est Latin (lat)
mitto Latin (lat) I announce, tell, report, send word, advise. I attend, guide, escort. I dismiss, disregard. I let or bring out, put or send forth, send out, emit; let blood, bleed; utter a sound, speak, say. I put an end to. I put out, extend, reach out (my hand). I send, cause to go, let go, release, discharge. I throw, hurl, cast, launch, send; throw down, sprinkle. I yield, furnish, produce, export.
mettere Italian (it) (intransitive) to don, put on, draw up. (intransitive) to give, lead onto. (intransitive) to suppose. (transitive) to bet, wager. (transitive) to charge (item on sale). (transitive) to cut (new teeth). (transitive) to deposit. (transitive) to put, place, lay, set.