Bumi etymology


Indonesian word bumi comes from Proto-Indo-European *bʰowHéyeti, and later Proto-Indo-Iranian *bʰúHmiš (Earth, land.)

Etymology of bumi

Detailed word origin of bumi

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*bʰowHéyeti Proto-Indo-European (ine)
*bʰúHmiš Proto-Indo-Iranian (iir-pro) Earth, land.
भू Sanskrit (san)
*bʰúHmiṣ Proto-Indo-Aryan (inc-pro)
भूमि Sanskrit (san) (at the end of a compound) matter, subject, object, receptacle i.e. fit object or person for. (figuratively) a step, degree, stage (with Buddhists there are 10 or 13 stages of existence or perfection); Bhumi. (in the plural) divisions of the world; compare भूमित्रय. Area. Earth, soil, ground; Earth personified as Bhumi. Extent, limit. Floor of a house, story. Part, personification (played by [...]
bumi Indonesian (ind) Earth (soil).