Sucre etymology


French word sucre comes from Sanskrit शर्करा, Sanskrit शर्कर, Arabic شكر, and later Persian شکر (Sugar.)

Etymology of sucre

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शर्करा Sanskrit (san) A fragment or piece of broken earthenware, potsherd. Cotton sugar, sugarmaple. Gravel (as a disease). Gravel, grit, pebbles, shingle, gravelly mould or soil (mostly plural). Ground or candied sugar. Hardening of the ear-wax. Hardening of the flesh.
शर्कर Sanskrit (san) Ground or candied sugar (same as शर्करा). Pebble, small stone Made of gravel or grit.
شكر Arabic (ara) To acknowledge, to acknowledge goodness. To praise, to laud, to extol. To thank, to be thankful, to be grateful Thankfulness, gratitude.
𐭱𐭪𐭥 Middle Persian (pal)
شکر Persian (fas) Sugar.
škl Middle Persian (pal) Sugar.
سُكَّر Arabic (ara)
سكر Arabic (ara) (uncountable) sugar Drunkenness, intoxication, inebriety. Intoxicant. Wine To candy. To sugar, to sprinkle sugar over. To sweeten, to add sugar To be drunk, to be intoxicated. To get drunk, to become intoxicated.
zucchero Old Italian (it-oit)
zucarum Malayalam (mal)
zucchero Italian (it) First-person singular indicative present of zuccherare Sugar (all senses).
zuccarum Malayalam (mal)
chucre Old French (fro)
sucre French (fr) Sugar.