Marteau etymology


French word marteau comes from Latin marcus (Large hammer.), Portuguese marcus

Etymology of marteau

Detailed word origin of marteau

Dictionary entry Language Definition
marcus Latin (lat) Large hammer.
marcus Portuguese (pt)
marculus Latin (lat) Small hammer, (ante-classical, post-Augustan) hammer.
martellus Malayalam (mal)
martulus Latin (lat)
martellus Late Latin (LL)
martel Old French (fro) Hammer (tool).
marteaus Old French (fro)
marteau French (fr) (anatomy) The malleus.. (athletics) A throwing hammer.. (clockmaking) A piece that strikes the bell in a clock.. (curling) Advantage of throwing the last stone.. (music) A piano or dulcimer hammer.. (technical) A hammer with bas relief marks used to imprint on wood, leather etc.. A hammer used for pounding.. A hammer-shaped tool used to hit thing, such as a gavel.. A machine tool working by [...]