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French word aimer comes from English gentian, Proto-Indo-European *h₃em-, h₂eh₃m-, Mozarabic amō, and later Italian amaro (Bitter Any of several herbal liqueurs. Bitter, bitterness.)

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gentian English (en) Any of various herbs of the family Gentianaceae found in temperate and mountainous regions with violet or blue flowers.. The dried roots and rhizome of a European gentian, Gentiana lutea, used as a tonic.
*h₃em-, h₂eh₃m- Proto-Indo-European (ine)
amō Mozarabic (mxi)
amo Latin (lat) (with infinitive) to enjoy, be accustomed. I am fond of, like. I am under obligation to; I am obliged to. I love.
amarum Latin (lat)
amaro Italian (it) Bitter Any of several herbal liqueurs. Bitter, bitterness.
aimer Old French (fro)
aimer French (fr) To like (often with bien). To love (usually of a person, otherwise the meaning is closer to like).

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