Hai etymology


Finnish word hai comes from Icelandic há-, Icelandic karl, and later Old Norse hákarl (A shark.)

Etymology of hai

Detailed word origin of hai

Dictionary entry Language Definition
há- Icelandic (isl) High, highly Pertaining to an oarlock Of or pertaining to the heel or articulations of the foot (articulationes pedis) (archaic) marks fish of the shark kind.
karl Icelandic (isl) (chess) a chess piece, a chessman. (video games) a character (in a video game, or in a RPG). Husband. Male of a species. Man (male human).
hákarl Old Norse (non) A shark.
haai Dutch (nl) Greedy person. Shark.
haj Swedish (sv) Shark.
hai Finnish (fi) Shark.