Ahorrar etymology


Spanish word ahorrar comes from Proto-Afro-Asiatic *ħər

Etymology of ahorrar

Detailed word origin of ahorrar

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*ħər Proto-Afro-Asiatic (afa-pro) Chief, master, overseer, superior. Free. Freeborn. Freedom. Freemen. Noble. Nobleman.
حر Arabic (ara) Burning of the heart, from pain, wrath, distress, affliction, trouble or fatigue. Difficulty or severity of work. Heat Born free and noble. Free. Set free, freedman. Unimpeded. Unmixed. Virtuous, genuine, true, pure, good.
حُرّ Arabic (ara)
horro Spanish (es) A poor quality cigarette or snuff. Cattle that are given to dignitaries of the region, maintained at the expense of the owners or ranchers.. Free (from slavery, etc.).
ahorrar Spanish (es) (transitive) to save (to conserve or prevent the wasting of). (transitive) to save (to store for future use). To avoid.