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English word tribunal comes from Latin tribunus (Chief of a tribe. Commander, tribune.), Latin tribus

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tribunus Latin (lat) Chief of a tribe. Commander, tribune.
tribus Latin (lat) A division of the Roman people.. A tribe.. One of the three original tribes of Rome: Ramnes, Tities, Luceres.. The mob, the lower classes.
tribunal Latin (lat) (by extension) any platform used for purposes other than above. (by extension) mound, dam, embankment. (figuratively) height, greatness. (metonymy) a court of law, tribunal; judgment. A raised semicircular or square platform, on which the seats of magistrates were placed; tribunal, judgment seat, dais, camp platform. Cenotaph.
tribunal Old French (842-ca. 1400) (fro) Of or relating to a tribunal Tribunal; court.
tribunal English (en) (Philippines, historical) A kind of village hall used to transact business, to quarter troops and travellers, and to confine prisoners.. An assembly including one or more judges to conduct judicial business; a court of law.

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