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English word sloppy comes from English slop, English -y

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slop English (en) (transitive) In the game of pool or snooker to pocket a ball by accident; in billiards, to make an ill-considered shot.. (transitive) To spill liquid upon; to soil with a spilled liquid.. (transitive) to feed pigs. (transitive) to spill or dump liquid, especially over the rim of a container when it moves. (archaic, costers) A policeman. (chiefly, plural) Inferior, weak drink or liquid food.. [...]
-y English (en) Forming abstract nouns denoting a state, condition, or quality.. Used in the name of some locations which end in -ia in Latin. Forming diminutive nouns. Also used for familiar and pet names as a term of endearment. Added to nouns and adjectives to form adjectives meaning “having the quality of”.. Added to verbs to form adjectives meaning "inclined to".
sloppy English (en) Imprecise or loose.. Messy; not neat, elegant, or careful.. Very wet; covered in or composed of slop.

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