Secretary etymology


English word secretary comes from Latin cernere, Latin se- (Separately, astray. Without.)

Etymology of secretary

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cernere Latin (lat)
se- Latin (lat) Separately, astray. Without.
secerno Latin (lat) (figuratively) I disjoin, part, dissociate, separate.. (figuratively) I distinguish, discern.. (figuratively) I set aside, reject, exclude, pull aside.. I put apart, sunder, sever, separate.
secretus Latin (lat)
secretarius Malayalam (mal)
secretary English (en) (obsolete) Someone entrusted with a secret; a confidant.. (often, capitalized) The head of a department of government.. A managerial or leading position in certain non-profit organizations, such as political parties, trade unions, international organizations.. A person who keeps records, takes notes and handles general clerical work.. A secretary bird, a bird of the species Sagittarius [...]

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