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English word satellite comes from Etruscan *𐌔𐌀𐌕𐌍𐌀𐌋, and later Latin satelles (Accomplice, follower. Attendant, guard.)

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*𐌔𐌀𐌕𐌍𐌀𐌋 Etruscan (ett)
satelles Latin (lat) Accomplice, follower. Attendant, guard.
satellite Middle French (ca. 1400-1600) (frm) (military, Antiquity) a guard or watchman.
satellite English (en) (colloquial, uncountable) Satellite TV; reception of television broadcasts via services that utilize man-made satellite technology. [from 20th c.]. (grammar) A grammatical construct that takes various forms and may encode a path of movement, a change of state, or the grammatical aspect. Examples: "a bird flew past"; "she turned on the light".. (now, _, rare) An attendant on an important [...]