Pyramid etymology


English word pyramid comes from Egyptian m, Egyptian prj, Egyptian ws, Ancient Greek πῡραμίς, and later Egyptian pr-m-ws ((in mathematical papyri) height of a pyramid.)

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m Egyptian (egy) (of contents, e.g. of a group) consisting of, comprising. (of material) made of, consisting of. (of time) in, for, during. (with certain verbs of motion) into. (with following infinitive) forms the periphrastic imperfective of a verb. (with most verbs of motion) from within, out of, from. By means of. In. In a state of. In the capacity of, in the role of, as, being (with a suffix pronoun) [...]
prj Egyptian (egy) (intransitive) to ascend, to go up (+ r: to). (intransitive) to emerge, to come forth, to go forth (+ m: from; + ḥr: through) Battlefield.
ws Egyptian (egy) (only used in the phrase pr-m-ws) The meaning of this term is uncertain. Possibilities include:. Crack or some other reference point from which the height of a pyramid is measured. Height (of a pyramid) (intransitive) to lack [since the 22nd Dynasty]. (with m) to lack (something). To withhold, to leave without [Greco-Roman Period].
πῡραμίς Ancient Greek (grc)
pr-m-ws Egyptian (egy) (in mathematical papyri) height of a pyramid.
πυραμίς Ancient Greek (grc)
pyramis Latin (lat) A pyramid.
piramide Old French (fro) Pyramid.
pyramide French (fr) Pyramid.
pyramid English (en) (UK, dated) The game of pool in which the balls are placed in the form of a triangle at spot.. (card games) The triangular layout of cards in the game of Pyramid.. (card games, uncountable) . (a solitaire card game). (geometry) A solid with triangular lateral faces and a polygonal (often square or rectangular) base.. A construction in the shape of a pyramid, usually with a square or [...]