Pumpkin etymology


English word pumpkin comes from Ancient Greek πέπτω, and later Latin pepo (Pumpkin, large melon.)

Etymology of pumpkin

Detailed word origin of pumpkin

Dictionary entry Language Definition
πέπτω Ancient Greek (grc)
πέπων Ancient Greek (grc)
pepo Latin (lat) Pumpkin, large melon.
pompon Middle French (frm) Cucumber. Melon Decorative tassel.
pumpkin English (en) (Australia) Any of a number of cultivars from the genus Cucurbita; known in the US as winter squash.. (US) A term of endearment for someone small and cute.. (uncountable) The color of the fruit of the pumpkin plant.. A domesticated plant, in species Cucurbita pepo, similar in growth pattern, foliage, flower, and fruit to the squash or melon.. The round yellow or orange fruit of this plant.