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English word productivity comes from English productive, English -ity

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productive English (en) (linguistics, of an affix or word construction rule) Consistently applicable to any of an open set of words.. (medicine) Of a cough, producing mucus or sputum from the respiratory tract.. (medicine) Of inflammation, producing new tissue.. (set theory) A type of set of natural numbers, related to mathematical logic.. Capable of producing something, especially in abundance; fertile.. Of, or [...]
-ity English (en) Used to form a noun from an adjective; especially, to form the noun referring to the state, property, or quality of conforming to the adjective's description.. Used to form other nouns, especially abstract nouns.
productivity English (en) The rate at which crops are grown on a standard area of land. The rate at which goods or services are produced by a standard population of workers. The state of being productive, fertile or efficient.

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