Glove etymology


English word glove comes from Proto-Germanic *lōfô, Proto-Germanic *ga-, and later Proto-Germanic *galōfô (Glove.)

Etymology of glove

Detailed word origin of glove

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*lōfô Proto-Germanic (gem-pro)
*ga- Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Indicates association or togetherness; co-.. Indicates completeness or wholeness. In verbs, also indicates perfectivity (a finished action).
*galōfô Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Glove.
*glōfa Old English (ang)
glōfa Old English (ang)
glof Old English (ang) A glove.
glofe Middle English (enm)
glove English (en) (baseball, transitive) To catch the ball in a baseball mitt.. (cricket) To touch a delivery with one's glove while the gloved hand is on the bat. Under the rules of cricket, the batsman is deemed to have hit the ball.. (transitive) To put a glove or gloves on. (baseball, figuratively) The ability to catch a hit ball.. (slang) A condom.. A baseball mitt.. An item of clothing other than a [...]

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