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English word discipline comes from Latin disciplina (discipline), ultimately form Latin discipulus (student, pupil, disciple)

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discipulus Latin (lat) Student, pupil, disciple.
disciplina Latin (lat) instruction, knowledge
descipline Old French (842-ca. 1400) (fro) Discipline; strict application of rules. Rule. (by extension) massacre; ravaging; destruction. Corporal punishment.
discipline English (en) (transitive) To impose order on someone.. (transitive) To punish someone in order to (re)gain control.. (transitive) To teach someone to obey authority.. (transitive) To train someone by instruction and practice. (Catholicism): A whip used for self-flagellation.. A category in which a certain art, sport or other activity belongs.. A controlled behaviour; self-control.. A flagellation as a [...]

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bondage disciple disciplinary