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English word dickhead comes from English head, English dick

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head English (en) (fishing) To remove the head from a fish.. (intransitive) To form a head.. (intransitive) To move in a specified direction.. (intransitive) To originate; to spring; to have its course, as a river.. (obsolete) To behead; to decapitate.. (transitive) To be in command of. (See also head up.). (transitive) To strike with the head; as in soccer, to head the ball. To cut off the top of; to lop [...]
dick English (en) (obsolete) A declaration. (uncommon, US, slang) A detective. (slang, vulgar) To mistreat or take advantage of somebody (with around).. (slang, vulgar) To waste time, to goof off (with around).. (slang, vulgar, of a man) To have sexual intercourse with. (countable, British, US, vulgar, slang, pejorative) A highly contemptible person.. (countable, and, uncountable, vulgar, slang) The penis.. [...]
dickhead English (en) (vulgar, colloquial) The glans penis.. (vulgar, colloquial, pejorative) A jerk; a mean or rude person.. (vulgar, colloquial, pejorative) A stupid or useless person.

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