Dance etymology


English word dance comes from Frankish *dansōn (To draw, pull, stretch.), Anglo-Norman dancer

Etymology of dance

Detailed word origin of dance

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*dansōn Frankish (frk) To draw, pull, stretch.
dancer Anglo-Norman (xno)
*danciō Vulgar Latin (la-vul)
dancier Old French (fro) To dance.
dauncer Anglo-Norman (xno)
daunsen Middle English (enm)
dance English (en) (heraldiccharge) A normally horizontal stripe called a fess that has been modified to zig-zag across the center of a coat of arms from dexter to sinister.. (uncountable) The art, profession, and study of dancing.. A genre of modern music characterised by sampled beats, repetitive rhythms and few lyrics.. A piece of music with a particular dance rhythm.. A sequence of rhythmic steps or [...]