Cocksucker etymology


English word cocksucker comes from English cock, English sucker

Etymology of cocksucker

Detailed word origin of cocksucker

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cock English (en) (transitive) To form into piles. (British, NZ, pejorative, slang) A stupid person.. (curling) The circle at the end of the rink.. (dated, humorous) A chief man; a leader or master.. (informal) shuttlecock. (informal, British, Tasmania) Term of address.. (slang, vulgar) The penis.. A boastful tilt of one's head or hat.. A male bird, especially:. A rooster: a male gallinaceous bird, especially [...]
sucker English (en) (transitive) To strip the suckers or shoots from; to deprive of suckers. (slang) A thing or object. Any thing or object being called attention to with emphasis, as in "this sucker". One who is easily fooled, or gulled. (British, colloquial) A suction cup.. (horticulture) An undesired stem growing out of the roots or lower trunk of a shrub or tree, especially from the rootstock of a grafted [...]
cocksucker English (en) (vulgar, colloquial, generally pejorative) Someone who performs fellatio.. (vulgar, colloquial, pejorative) A very annoying or objectionable person.