Chit etymology


English word chit comes from Hindi चिट्ठी (Alternative form of चिट्टी (ciṭṭī).)

Etymology of chit

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चिट्ठी Hindi (hin) Alternative form of चिट्टी (ciṭṭī).
chitty English (en) Childish; like a baby. Full of chits or sprouts A small note, such as a pass or voucher slip; a chit.
chit English (en) (India, China) A signed voucher or memorandum of a small debt, as for food and drinks at a club.. (US, and, British, _, dated) A small sheet or scrap of paper with a hand-written note as a reminder or personal message.. (US, slang) A debt or favor owed in return for a prior loan or favor granted, especially a political favor.. (gaming) A smaller cardboard counter generally used not to [...]