Capacity etymology


English word capacity comes from Proto-Italic *kapiō (Take, seize.), Proto-Indo-European *kh₂pyéti (To be grasping.)

Etymology of capacity

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*kapiō Proto-Italic (itc-pro) Take, seize.
*kh₂pyéti Proto-Indo-European (ine) To be grasping.
*kh₂pyé- Proto-Indo-European (ine)
capio Latin (lat) I capture, seize, take. I take in, understand. I take on.
capax Latin (lat) Susceptible, capable of, able, apt, fit for.. That can contain or hold much; wide, large, spacious, capacious, roomy.
capacitas Latin (lat) Capability; capacity. Comprehension.
capacite Old French (fro)
capacity English (en) Filling the allotted space. (operations) The maximum that can be produced on a machine or in a facility or group.. A faculty; the potential for growth and development. A measure of such ability; volume. A role; the position in which one functions. Capability; the ability to perform some task. Electrical capacitance.. Legal authority (to make an arrest for example). Mental ability; the power [...]

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