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English word barbell comes from English bar, English dumbbell

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bar English (en) A non-SI unit of pressure equal to 100,000 pascals, approximately equal to atmospheric pressure at sea level. (horse racing) Denotes the minimum odds offered on other horses not mentioned by name.. Except, other than, besides. (UK, Parliament) A dividing line (physical or notional) in the chamber of a legislature beyond which only members and officials may pass.. (UK, law) The railing [...]
dumbbell English (en) (pejorative) A stupid person. (weightlifting) A weight consisting of two disks or spheres attached to a short bar; used for exercise and weight training.
barbell English (en) (weightlifting) A wide steel bar with premeasured weights affixed to either end, with the central span open for the hands of the weightlifter.

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