Pasg etymology


Welsh word Pasg comes from Hebrew פֶּסַח, Ancient Hebrew פֶּסַח, Hebrew פסח, Hebrew פסחא (Easter (the Christian festival).)

Etymology of Pasg

Detailed word origin of Pasg

Dictionary entry Language Definition
פֶּסַח Hebrew (heb)
פֶּסַח Ancient Hebrew (hbo)
פסח Hebrew (heb) To pass over, skip. (singulare tantum) A male given name... (singulare tantum, rarely, _, countable) Passover (Jewish holiday) The paschal sacrificial offering.
פסחא Hebrew (heb) Easter (the Christian festival).
פַּסְחָא Aramaic (arc)
פסחא Aramaic (arc)
πάσχα Ancient Greek (grc)
pascha Latin (lat) Pascha / Passover or Easter. The Paschal Lamb.
Pasg Welsh (cym)