Live conjugation

Conjugate live

Present and Past

Simple I live you live it/she/he lives we live you all live they liveI lived you lived it/she/he lived we lived you all lived they lived
ProgressiveI am living you are living it/she/he is living we are living you all are living they are livingI was living you were living it/she/he was living we were living you all were living they were living
PerfectI have lived you have lived it/she/he has lived we have lived you all have lived they have livedI had lived you had lived it/she/he had lived we had lived you all had lived they had lived
Perfect ProgressiveI have been living you have been living it/she/he has been living we have been living you have been living they have been livingI had been living you had been living it/she/he had been living we had been living you had been living they had been living

Future and conditional

SimpleI will live you will live it/she/he will live we will live you all will live they will liveI would live you would live it/she/he would live we would live you all would live they would live
ProgressiveI will be living you will be living it/she/he will be living we will be living you all will be living they will be livingI would be living you would be living it/she/he would be living we would be living you all would be living they would be living
PerfectI will have lived you will have lived it/she/he will have lived we will have lived you all will have lived they will have livedI would have lived you would have lived it/she/he would have lived we would have lived you all would have lived they would have lived
Perfect ProgressiveI will have been living you will have been living it/she/he will have been living we will have been living you will have been living they will have been livingI would have been living you would have been living it/she/he would have been living we would have been living you would have been living they would have been living

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Usage information for live

This verb can also mean the following: feed, be, inhabit, continue, outlast danger, subsist, experience a full rich life, practice, survive, continue in, support existence, have permanent residence somewhere, make, float, provide for, act, pass, have, spend, have life, do, reside, cope, persevere, pass life in a specified manner, maintain, prologue, walter besant, outlast

Examples of live

Example in English
! 'Cause he couldn't live with life's two most important lessons.
! - Yeah! Uh, I don't live here.
! A live turkey who loves Rollerblading.
! By rights, I'd want insurance not just for the bronze statue, but for the plant, too, since everyone in town, myself included, depends on it to live.
! I barely got away with my live.
! - You haven't lived, have you?
! I don't think I love you anymore. ♪ we lived through ♪ ♪ the wreck of our hearts ♪
! Not to mention our responsibility to the people that have lived and worked here for the past 30-odd years.
! You lived there for 35 years!
" 'Until now, I lived in fear,' said Tristan Bernard
! But he lives right next door! That is stupid!
! Ever since you got your memories back, ever since you remembered that you're Snow White and Prince Charming, your lives have... they've...
! Frank needs a wake-up call, before he wrecks all your lives.
! How many people's lives it it all worth?
! I told you lives were at risk!
! - How do you think I used to make a living?
! - Yeah, man, this is living!
! Always on the run, living with criminals!
! Gah! I was in great shape, living on my own, and the best part was, I didn't need help from nobody.
! Oh, you know, if you want him living with you.

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