Farnienter (to do) conjugation

5 examples

Conjugation of eiti

Present tense
je farniente
I do
tu farnientes
you do
il/elle/on farniente
he/she/it does
nous farnientons
we do
vous farnientez
you all do
ils/elles farnientent
they do
Present perfect tense
j’ai farnienté
I did
tu as farnienté
you did
il/elle/on a farnienté
he/she/it did
nous avons farnienté
we did
vous avez farnienté
you all did
ils/elles ont farnienté
they did
Past imperfect tense
je farnientais
I was doing
tu farnientais
you were doing
il/elle/on farnientait
he/she/it was doing
nous farnientions
we were doing
vous farnientiez
you all were doing
ils/elles farnientaient
they were doing
Future tense
je farnienterai
I will do
tu farnienteras
you will do
il/elle/on farnientera
he/she/it will do
nous farnienterons
we will do
vous farnienterez
you all will do
ils/elles farnienteront
they will do
Past perfect tense
j’avais farnienté
I had done
tu avais farnienté
you had done
il/elle/on avait farnienté
he/she/it had done
nous avions farnienté
we had done
vous aviez farnienté
you all had done
ils/elles avaient farnienté
they had done
Past preterite tense
je farnientai
I did
tu farnientas
you did
il/elle/on farnienta
he/she/it did
nous farnientâmes
we did
vous farnientâtes
you all did
ils/elles farnientèrent
they did
Past anterior tense
j’eus farnienté
I had done
tu eus farnienté
you had done
il/elle/on eut farnienté
he/she/it had done
nous eûmes farnienté
we had done
vous eûtes farnienté
you all had done
ils/elles eurent farnienté
they had done
Future perfect tense
j’aurai farnienté
I will have done
tu auras farnienté
you will have done
il/elle/on aura farnienté
he/she/it will have done
nous aurons farnienté
we will have done
vous aurez farnienté
you all will have done
ils/elles auront farnienté
they will have done
Present subjunctive tense
que je farniente
that I do
que tu farnientes
that you do
qu’il/elle/on farniente
that he/she/it do
que nous farnientions
that we do
que vous farnientiez
that you all do
qu’ils/elles farnientent
that they do
Present perfect subjunctive tense
que j’aie farnienté
that I have done
que tu aies farnienté
that you have done
qu’il/elle/on ait farnienté
that he/she/it have done
que nous ayons farnienté
that we have done
que vous ayez farnienté
that you all have done
qu’ils/elles aient farnienté
that they have done
Imperfect subjunctive tense
que je farnientasse
that I would do
que tu farnientasses
that you would do
qu’il/elle/on farnientât
that he/she/it would do
que nous farnientassions
that we would do
que vous farnientassiez
that you all would do
qu’ils/elles farnientassent
that they would do
Past perfect subjunctive tense
que j’eusse farnienté
that I had done
que tu eusses farnienté
that you had done
qu’il/elle/on eût farnienté
that he/she/it had done
que nous eussions farnienté
that we had done
que vous eussiez farnienté
that you all had done
qu’ils/elles eussent farnienté
that they had done
Conditional mood
je farnienterais
I would do
tu farnienterais
you would do
il/elle/on farnienterait
he/she/it would do
nous farnienterions
we would do
vous farnienteriez
you all would do
ils/elles farnienteraient
they would do
Conditional perfect tense
j’aurais farnienté
I would have done
tu aurais farnienté
you would have done
il/elle/on aurait farnienté
he/she/it would have done
nous aurions farnienté
we would have done
vous auriez farnienté
you all would have done
ils/elles auraient farnienté
they would have done
Imperative mood
let's do!
Past perfect imperative mood
aie farnienté
have done
ayons farnienté
let's have done
ayez farnienté
have done

Examples of farnienter

Example in FrenchTranslation in English
C'est agréable le farniente en famille.Oh, it's so nice just to sit with family and do nothing, huh? Don't even need to talk.
Il ne veut pas de mémo, il a peur d'un farniente général.-He doesn't want a memo circulating. He's afraid people will stop working.
Musique et farniente.Radio on, top down.
On appelle ça "dolce farniente".We call it "dolce far niente."
Vous habituez pas trop à cette vie de farniente.Hey, Claire, don't get too used to your life of leisure here.

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