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Agoniser (to agonize) conjugation

16 examples

Conjugation of agoniser

Present tense
I agonize
tu agonises
you agonize
il/elle/on agonise
he/she/it agonizes
nous agonisons
we agonize
vous agonisez
you all agonize
ils/elles agonisent
they agonize
Present perfect tense
j’ai agonisé
I agonized
tu as agonisé
you agonized
il/elle/on a agonisé
he/she/it agonized
nous avons agonisé
we agonized
vous avez agonisé
you all agonized
ils/elles ont agonisé
they agonized
Past impf. tense
I was agonizing
tu agonisais
you were agonizing
il/elle/on agonisait
he/she/it was agonizing
nous agonisions
we were agonizing
vous agonisiez
you all were agonizing
ils/elles agonisaient
they were agonizing
Future tense
I will agonize
tu agoniseras
you will agonize
il/elle/on agonisera
he/she/it will agonize
nous agoniserons
we will agonize
vous agoniserez
you all will agonize
ils/elles agoniseront
they will agonize
Past perfect tense
j’avais agonisé
I had agonized
tu avais agonisé
you had agonized
il/elle/on avait agonisé
he/she/it had agonized
nous avions agonisé
we had agonized
vous aviez agonisé
you all had agonized
ils/elles avaient agonisé
they had agonized
Past preterite tense
I agonized
tu agonisas
you agonized
il/elle/on agonisa
he/she/it agonized
nous agonisâmes
we agonized
vous agonisâtes
you all agonized
ils/elles agonisèrent
they agonized
Past anterior tense
j’eus agonisé
I had agonized
tu eus agonisé
you had agonized
il/elle/on eut agonisé
he/she/it had agonized
nous eûmes agonisé
we had agonized
vous eûtes agonisé
you all had agonized
ils/elles eurent agonisé
they had agonized
Future perfect tense
j’aurai agonisé
I will have agonized
tu auras agonisé
you will have agonized
il/elle/on aura agonisé
he/she/it will have agonized
nous aurons agonisé
we will have agonized
vous aurez agonisé
you all will have agonized
ils/elles auront agonisé
they will have agonized
Present subjunctive tense
que j’agonise
that I agonize
que tu agonises
that you agonize
qu’il/elle/on agonise
that he/she/it agonize
que nous agonisions
that we agonize
que vous agonisiez
that you all agonize
qu’ils/elles agonisent
that they agonize
Present perf. subjunctive tense
que j’aie agonisé
that I have agonized
que tu aies agonisé
that you have agonized
qu’il/elle/on ait agonisé
that he/she/it have agonized
que nous ayons agonisé
that we have agonized
que vous ayez agonisé
that you all have agonized
qu’ils/elles aient agonisé
that they have agonized
Imperfect subjunctive tense
que j’agonisasse
that I would agonize
que tu agonisasses
that you would agonize
qu’il/elle/on agonisât
that he/she/it would agonize
que nous agonisassions
that we would agonize
que vous agonisassiez
that you all would agonize
qu’ils/elles agonisassent
that they would agonize
Past perfect subjunctive tense
que j’eusse agonisé
that I had agonized
que tu eusses agonisé
that you had agonized
qu’il/elle/on eût agonisé
that he/she/it had agonized
que nous eussions agonisé
that we had agonized
que vous eussiez agonisé
that you all had agonized
qu’ils/elles eussent agonisé
that they had agonized
Conditional mood
I would agonize
tu agoniserais
you would agonize
il/elle/on agoniserait
he/she/it would agonize
nous agoniserions
we would agonize
vous agoniseriez
you all would agonize
ils/elles agoniseraient
they would agonize
Conditional perfect tense
j’aurais agonisé
I would have agonized
tu aurais agonisé
you would have agonized
il/elle/on aurait agonisé
he/she/it would have agonized
nous aurions agonisé
we would have agonized
vous auriez agonisé
you all would have agonized
ils/elles auraient agonisé
they would have agonized
Imperative mood
let's agonize!
Past perfect imperative mood
aie agonisé
have agonized
ayons agonisé
let's have agonized
ayez agonisé
have agonized

Examples of agoniser

Example in FrenchTranslation in English
"Ma poitrine me fait agoniser, mon corps est en train de se pétrifier""I am agonized by pains in my chest. I am turning to stone."
Les choix moraux te font agoniser.You agonize over moral choices.
Maintenant que ton esprit ira là où tu n'iras pas, tu vas agoniser, dépérir, souffrir pour ce qui fut et ne sera jamais plus.Now as your eyes and mind travel to where you cannot, I want you to agonize. I want you to pine. I want you to ache for what once was and will never be again.
Si tu as souffert à cause de tes choix toutes ces années, ma chère, je suis seulement content d'avoir pu te fournir un lieu confortable dans lequel tu pourras agoniser avec classe.Well, if you've been suffering with your choices all these years, my dear, I'm only happy I was able to provide you with a comfortable place in which to agonize in style.
Si vous voulez écrire un grand livre, vous devez agoniser sur chaque page.If you really want to write a great book, you must agonize over every page
J'agonise par ici.I agonized over it.
Je peux seulement vous avouer que j'agonise à prendre cette décision.All I can do is assure you that I agonized over the decision.
La vieille république agonise aux mais de Washington Luiz.The old republic agonizes in the hands of Washington Luiz.
On agonise sur cette décision depuis des heures.We can agonize over this decision for hours.
On agonise... à chaque suture.We agonize... over every suture.
N'agonisez pas. SANS-ABRIS AIDEZ-MOI Certifiez.Don't agonize...
Alors, n'est-ce pas agonisant ?How's that? Isn't it agonizing?
C'était comme un rêve, beau et horrible à la fois— Charmant et agonisant tout en même temps.It was like a beautiful, horrible dream- at the same time delightful and agonizing.
Dans son placard, Ohkubo agonisant observe la scène.Inside the closet, the agonizing Ohkubo observes everything as it takes shape.
Il conçoit ses opérations afin que ses victimes souffrent le martyre en agonisant lentement.He designs his operations so his victims suffer slow, agonizing deaths.
Parce que chaque jour je dois vivre avec l'agonisant cris perçant dans mes oreilles.Because every day I have to live with the agonizing, piercing screaming in my ears.

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