Sillonner (to crisscross) conjugation

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Conjugation of eiti

Present tense
je sillonne
I crisscross
tu sillonnes
you crisscross
il/elle/on sillonne
he/she/it crisscrosses
nous sillonnons
we crisscross
vous sillonnez
you all crisscross
ils/elles sillonnent
they crisscross
Present perfect tense
j’ai sillonné
I crisscrossed
tu as sillonné
you crisscrossed
il/elle/on a sillonné
he/she/it crisscrossed
nous avons sillonné
we crisscrossed
vous avez sillonné
you all crisscrossed
ils/elles ont sillonné
they crisscrossed
Past imperfect tense
je sillonnais
I was crisscrossing
tu sillonnais
you were crisscrossing
il/elle/on sillonnait
he/she/it was crisscrossing
nous sillonnions
we were crisscrossing
vous sillonniez
you all were crisscrossing
ils/elles sillonnaient
they were crisscrossing
Future tense
je sillonnerai
I will crisscross
tu sillonneras
you will crisscross
il/elle/on sillonnera
he/she/it will crisscross
nous sillonnerons
we will crisscross
vous sillonnerez
you all will crisscross
ils/elles sillonneront
they will crisscross
Past perfect tense
j’avais sillonné
I had crisscrossed
tu avais sillonné
you had crisscrossed
il/elle/on avait sillonné
he/she/it had crisscrossed
nous avions sillonné
we had crisscrossed
vous aviez sillonné
you all had crisscrossed
ils/elles avaient sillonné
they had crisscrossed
Past preterite tense
je sillonnai
I crisscrossed
tu sillonnas
you crisscrossed
il/elle/on sillonna
he/she/it crisscrossed
nous sillonnâmes
we crisscrossed
vous sillonnâtes
you all crisscrossed
ils/elles sillonnèrent
they crisscrossed
Past anterior tense
j’eus sillonné
I had crisscrossed
tu eus sillonné
you had crisscrossed
il/elle/on eut sillonné
he/she/it had crisscrossed
nous eûmes sillonné
we had crisscrossed
vous eûtes sillonné
you all had crisscrossed
ils/elles eurent sillonné
they had crisscrossed
Future perfect tense
j’aurai sillonné
I will have crisscrossed
tu auras sillonné
you will have crisscrossed
il/elle/on aura sillonné
he/she/it will have crisscrossed
nous aurons sillonné
we will have crisscrossed
vous aurez sillonné
you all will have crisscrossed
ils/elles auront sillonné
they will have crisscrossed
Present subjunctive tense
que je sillonne
that I crisscross
que tu sillonnes
that you crisscross
qu’il/elle/on sillonne
that he/she/it crisscross
que nous sillonnions
that we crisscross
que vous sillonniez
that you all crisscross
qu’ils/elles sillonnent
that they crisscross
Present perfect subjunctive tense
que j’aie sillonné
that I have crisscrossed
que tu aies sillonné
that you have crisscrossed
qu’il/elle/on ait sillonné
that he/she/it have crisscrossed
que nous ayons sillonné
that we have crisscrossed
que vous ayez sillonné
that you all have crisscrossed
qu’ils/elles aient sillonné
that they have crisscrossed
Imperfect subjunctive tense
que je sillonnasse
that I would crisscross
que tu sillonnasses
that you would crisscross
qu’il/elle/on sillonnât
that he/she/it would crisscross
que nous sillonnassions
that we would crisscross
que vous sillonnassiez
that you all would crisscross
qu’ils/elles sillonnassent
that they would crisscross
Past perfect subjunctive tense
que j’eusse sillonné
that I had crisscrossed
que tu eusses sillonné
that you had crisscrossed
qu’il/elle/on eût sillonné
that he/she/it had crisscrossed
que nous eussions sillonné
that we had crisscrossed
que vous eussiez sillonné
that you all had crisscrossed
qu’ils/elles eussent sillonné
that they had crisscrossed
Conditional mood
je sillonnerais
I would crisscross
tu sillonnerais
you would crisscross
il/elle/on sillonnerait
he/she/it would crisscross
nous sillonnerions
we would crisscross
vous sillonneriez
you all would crisscross
ils/elles sillonneraient
they would crisscross
Conditional perfect tense
j’aurais sillonné
I would have crisscrossed
tu aurais sillonné
you would have crisscrossed
il/elle/on aurait sillonné
he/she/it would have crisscrossed
nous aurions sillonné
we would have crisscrossed
vous auriez sillonné
you all would have crisscrossed
ils/elles auraient sillonné
they would have crisscrossed
Imperative mood
let's crisscross!
Past perfect imperative mood
aie sillonné
have crisscrossed
ayons sillonné
let's have crisscrossed
ayez sillonné
have crisscrossed

Examples of sillonner

Example in FrenchTranslation in English
Deux semaines à sillonner la mer du Nord, et toujours rien.Two weeks we crisscross the North Sea and get nothing.
Eh bien, je ne m'attendais pas qu'il sillonne la ville comme ça.Well, I never expected him to be crisscrossing the city like this.
Entre toi et moi, Al ? Tu penses que je sillonne cette région depuis six mois sans savoir qu'il n'y a que deux dépôts importants de munitions ?You think I've been crisscrossing this country for the last 6 months without getting wise to a thing or 2?
On sillonne le pays en mobile home.We crisscross the country in a mobile home.
J'ai sillonné la Suède des années durant sans aucun problème.I've crisscrossed Sweden for years and never had a problem,

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