Rougner (to grumble) conjugation


Conjugation of eiti

Present tense
je rougne
I grumble
tu rougnes
you grumble
il/elle/on rougne
he/she/it grumbles
nous rougnons
we grumble
vous rougnez
you all grumble
ils/elles rougnent
they grumble
Present perfect tense
j’ai rougné
I grumbled
tu as rougné
you grumbled
il/elle/on a rougné
he/she/it grumbled
nous avons rougné
we grumbled
vous avez rougné
you all grumbled
ils/elles ont rougné
they grumbled
Past imperfect tense
je rougnais
I was grumbling
tu rougnais
you were grumbling
il/elle/on rougnait
he/she/it was grumbling
nous rougnions
we were grumbling
vous rougniez
you all were grumbling
ils/elles rougnaient
they were grumbling
Future tense
je rougnerai
I will grumble
tu rougneras
you will grumble
il/elle/on rougnera
he/she/it will grumble
nous rougnerons
we will grumble
vous rougnerez
you all will grumble
ils/elles rougneront
they will grumble
Past perfect tense
j’avais rougné
I had grumbled
tu avais rougné
you had grumbled
il/elle/on avait rougné
he/she/it had grumbled
nous avions rougné
we had grumbled
vous aviez rougné
you all had grumbled
ils/elles avaient rougné
they had grumbled
Past preterite tense
je rougnai
I grumbled
tu rougnas
you grumbled
il/elle/on rougna
he/she/it grumbled
nous rougnâmes
we grumbled
vous rougnâtes
you all grumbled
ils/elles rougnèrent
they grumbled
Past anterior tense
j’eus rougné
I had grumbled
tu eus rougné
you had grumbled
il/elle/on eut rougné
he/she/it had grumbled
nous eûmes rougné
we had grumbled
vous eûtes rougné
you all had grumbled
ils/elles eurent rougné
they had grumbled
Future perfect tense
j’aurai rougné
I will have grumbled
tu auras rougné
you will have grumbled
il/elle/on aura rougné
he/she/it will have grumbled
nous aurons rougné
we will have grumbled
vous aurez rougné
you all will have grumbled
ils/elles auront rougné
they will have grumbled
Present subjunctive tense
que je rougne
that I grumble
que tu rougnes
that you grumble
qu’il/elle/on rougne
that he/she/it grumble
que nous rougnions
that we grumble
que vous rougniez
that you all grumble
qu’ils/elles rougnent
that they grumble
Present perfect subjunctive tense
que j’aie rougné
that I have grumbled
que tu aies rougné
that you have grumbled
qu’il/elle/on ait rougné
that he/she/it have grumbled
que nous ayons rougné
that we have grumbled
que vous ayez rougné
that you all have grumbled
qu’ils/elles aient rougné
that they have grumbled
Imperfect subjunctive tense
que je rougnasse
that I would grumble
que tu rougnasses
that you would grumble
qu’il/elle/on rougnât
that he/she/it would grumble
que nous rougnassions
that we would grumble
que vous rougnassiez
that you all would grumble
qu’ils/elles rougnassent
that they would grumble
Past perfect subjunctive tense
que j’eusse rougné
that I had grumbled
que tu eusses rougné
that you had grumbled
qu’il/elle/on eût rougné
that he/she/it had grumbled
que nous eussions rougné
that we had grumbled
que vous eussiez rougné
that you all had grumbled
qu’ils/elles eussent rougné
that they had grumbled
Conditional mood
je rougnerais
I would grumble
tu rougnerais
you would grumble
il/elle/on rougnerait
he/she/it would grumble
nous rougnerions
we would grumble
vous rougneriez
you all would grumble
ils/elles rougneraient
they would grumble
Conditional perfect tense
j’aurais rougné
I would have grumbled
tu aurais rougné
you would have grumbled
il/elle/on aurait rougné
he/she/it would have grumbled
nous aurions rougné
we would have grumbled
vous auriez rougné
you all would have grumbled
ils/elles auraient rougné
they would have grumbled
Imperative mood
let's grumble!
Past perfect imperative mood
aie rougné
have grumbled
ayons rougné
let's have grumbled
ayez rougné
have grumbled

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