Quadriller (to cover) conjugation

9 examples

Conjugation of eiti

Present tense
je quadrille
I cover
tu quadrilles
you cover
il/elle/on quadrille
he/she/it covers
nous quadrillons
we cover
vous quadrillez
you all cover
ils/elles quadrillent
they cover
Present perfect tense
j’ai quadrillé
I covered
tu as quadrillé
you covered
il/elle/on a quadrillé
he/she/it covered
nous avons quadrillé
we covered
vous avez quadrillé
you all covered
ils/elles ont quadrillé
they covered
Past imperfect tense
je quadrillais
I was covering
tu quadrillais
you were covering
il/elle/on quadrillait
he/she/it was covering
nous quadrillions
we were covering
vous quadrilliez
you all were covering
ils/elles quadrillaient
they were covering
Future tense
je quadrillerai
I will cover
tu quadrilleras
you will cover
il/elle/on quadrillera
he/she/it will cover
nous quadrillerons
we will cover
vous quadrillerez
you all will cover
ils/elles quadrilleront
they will cover
Past perfect tense
j’avais quadrillé
I had covered
tu avais quadrillé
you had covered
il/elle/on avait quadrillé
he/she/it had covered
nous avions quadrillé
we had covered
vous aviez quadrillé
you all had covered
ils/elles avaient quadrillé
they had covered
Past preterite tense
je quadrillai
I covered
tu quadrillas
you covered
il/elle/on quadrilla
he/she/it covered
nous quadrillâmes
we covered
vous quadrillâtes
you all covered
ils/elles quadrillèrent
they covered
Past anterior tense
j’eus quadrillé
I had covered
tu eus quadrillé
you had covered
il/elle/on eut quadrillé
he/she/it had covered
nous eûmes quadrillé
we had covered
vous eûtes quadrillé
you all had covered
ils/elles eurent quadrillé
they had covered
Future perfect tense
j’aurai quadrillé
I will have covered
tu auras quadrillé
you will have covered
il/elle/on aura quadrillé
he/she/it will have covered
nous aurons quadrillé
we will have covered
vous aurez quadrillé
you all will have covered
ils/elles auront quadrillé
they will have covered
Present subjunctive tense
que je quadrille
that I cover
que tu quadrilles
that you cover
il/elle/on quadrille
that he/she/it cover
que nous quadrillions
that we cover
que vous quadrilliez
that you all cover
ils/elles quadrillent
that they cover
Present perfect subjunctive tense
que j’aie quadrillé
that I have covered
que tu aies quadrillé
that you have covered
qu’il/elle/on ait quadrillé
that he/she/it have covered
que nous ayons quadrillé
that we have covered
que vous ayez quadrillé
that you all have covered
qu’ils/elles aient quadrillé
that they have covered
Imperfect subjunctive tense
que je quadrillasse
that I would cover
que tu quadrillasses
that you would cover
il/elle/on quadrillât
that he/she/it would cover
que nous quadrillassions
that we would cover
que vous quadrillassiez
that you all would cover
ils/elles quadrillassent
that they would cover
Past perfect subjunctive tense
que j’eusse quadrillé
that I had covered
que tu eusses quadrillé
that you had covered
qu’il/elle/on eût quadrillé
that he/she/it had covered
que nous eussions quadrillé
that we had covered
que vous eussiez quadrillé
that you all had covered
qu’ils/elles eussent quadrillé
that they had covered
Conditional mood
je quadrillerais
I would cover
tu quadrillerais
you would cover
il/elle/on quadrillerait
he/she/it would cover
nous quadrillerions
we would cover
vous quadrilleriez
you all would cover
ils/elles quadrilleraient
they would cover
Conditional perfect tense
j’aurais quadrillé
I would have covered
tu aurais quadrillé
you would have covered
il/elle/on aurait quadrillé
he/she/it would have covered
nous aurions quadrillé
we would have covered
vous auriez quadrillé
you all would have covered
ils/elles auraient quadrillé
they would have covered
Imperative mood
let's cover!
Past perfect imperative mood
aie quadrillé
have covered
ayons quadrillé
let's have covered
ayez quadrillé
have covered

Examples of quadriller

Example in FrenchTranslation in English
Fais appeler tous les hommes, dis-leur de quadriller la ville.Call on every man. Tell them to cover the city.
Ils sont peu nombreux, tandis qu'on a de quoi quadriller la ville.There's only a few of them, whereas we can cover the whole city. And believe me, we are.
L'armée peut pas quadriller les forêts.Well, they can't have every inch covered. All those woods.
Otis et moi, on n'est pas assez pour quadriller la ville.And Otis and me, we can't cover the ground.
-Tout est quadrillé sur 50km.We've got everything covered over an area of 50 km.
L'immeuble est quadrillé, on l'aura.Every comer of this building is covered, how can he escape?
On avait quadrillé toute la région de Honshu.We had every strip in Honshu covered.
On ne s'occupe pas du secteur quadrillé pas la police.Ground covered by the police is not our concern.
Pour le moment, on a quadrillé le secteur du Lac et de Page.So far we covered Lake, McHenry... and part of Du Page County.

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