Ombrager (to shade) conjugation

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Conjugation of eiti

Present tense
I shade
tu ombrages
you shade
il/elle/on ombrage
he/she/it shades
nous ombrageons
we shade
vous ombragez
you all shade
ils/elles ombragent
they shade
Present perfect tense
j’ai ombragé
I shaded
tu as ombragé
you shaded
il/elle/on a ombragé
he/she/it shaded
nous avons ombragé
we shaded
vous avez ombragé
you all shaded
ils/elles ont ombragé
they shaded
Past imperfect tense
I was shading
tu ombrageais
you were shading
il/elle/on ombrageait
he/she/it was shading
nous ombragions
we were shading
vous ombragiez
you all were shading
ils/elles ombrageaient
they were shading
Future tense
I will shade
tu ombrageras
you will shade
il/elle/on ombragera
he/she/it will shade
nous ombragerons
we will shade
vous ombragerez
you all will shade
ils/elles ombrageront
they will shade
Past perfect tense
j’avais ombragé
I had shaded
tu avais ombragé
you had shaded
il/elle/on avait ombragé
he/she/it had shaded
nous avions ombragé
we had shaded
vous aviez ombragé
you all had shaded
ils/elles avaient ombragé
they had shaded
Past preterite tense
I shaded
tu ombrageas
you shaded
il/elle/on ombragea
he/she/it shaded
nous ombrageâmes
we shaded
vous ombrageâtes
you all shaded
ils/elles ombragèrent
they shaded
Past anterior tense
j’eus ombragé
I had shaded
tu eus ombragé
you had shaded
il/elle/on eut ombragé
he/she/it had shaded
nous eûmes ombragé
we had shaded
vous eûtes ombragé
you all had shaded
ils/elles eurent ombragé
they had shaded
Future perfect tense
j’aurai ombragé
I will have shaded
tu auras ombragé
you will have shaded
il/elle/on aura ombragé
he/she/it will have shaded
nous aurons ombragé
we will have shaded
vous aurez ombragé
you all will have shaded
ils/elles auront ombragé
they will have shaded
Present subjunctive tense
que j’ombrage
that I shade
que tu ombrages
that you shade
qu’il/elle/on ombrage
that he/she/it shade
que nous ombragions
that we shade
que vous ombragiez
that you all shade
qu’ils/elles ombragent
that they shade
Present perfect subjunctive tense
que j’aie ombragé
that I have shaded
que tu aies ombragé
that you have shaded
qu’il/elle/on ait ombragé
that he/she/it have shaded
que nous ayons ombragé
that we have shaded
que vous ayez ombragé
that you all have shaded
qu’ils/elles aient ombragé
that they have shaded
Imperfect subjunctive tense
que j’ombrageasse
that I would shade
que tu ombrageasses
that you would shade
qu’il/elle/on ombrageât
that he/she/it would shade
que nous ombrageassions
that we would shade
que vous ombrageassiez
that you all would shade
qu’ils/elles ombrageassent
that they would shade
Past perfect subjunctive tense
que j’eusse ombragé
that I had shaded
que tu eusses ombragé
that you had shaded
qu’il/elle/on eût ombragé
that he/she/it had shaded
que nous eussions ombragé
that we had shaded
que vous eussiez ombragé
that you all had shaded
qu’ils/elles eussent ombragé
that they had shaded
Conditional mood
I would shade
tu ombragerais
you would shade
il/elle/on ombragerait
he/she/it would shade
nous ombragerions
we would shade
vous ombrageriez
you all would shade
ils/elles ombrageraient
they would shade
Conditional perfect tense
j’aurais ombragé
I would have shaded
tu aurais ombragé
you would have shaded
il/elle/on aurait ombragé
he/she/it would have shaded
nous aurions ombragé
we would have shaded
vous auriez ombragé
you all would have shaded
ils/elles auraient ombragé
they would have shaded
Imperative mood
let's shade!
Past perfect imperative mood
aie ombragé
have shaded
ayons ombragé
let's have shaded
ayez ombragé
have shaded

Examples of ombrager

Example in FrenchTranslation in English
"Dans le soleil de l'été, je te donnerai l'ombrage."ln summer's sun, l'll give you shade.
"dont le feuillage, l'été, offre un divin ombrage,"whose leaves in summertime offer a blessed shade,
Je voulais créer de l'ombrage.I was trying to shade.
Les fleurs ici couvrent la terre, les pins ouvrent leurs parasols, et sous l'ombrage pour vous plaire, vont s'éveiller les rossignols. Vont s'éveiller les rossignols.Countless flowers cover the ground, the pine trees rustle, and here in the shade the nightingale takes flight more eagerly!
Sous le frais ombrage d'un sycomore je m'appretais a fermer les yeux quand mon repos projete fut interrompu et je vis se diriger vers cet ombrage le Roi et ses compagnons.Under the shade of a sycamore l thought to close mine eyes some half an hour,... ..When, lo, to interrupt my purposed rest,... ..Toward that shade l might behold addressed... - .. The King and his companions.
J'ai une zone ombragé. avec la feuille de laurus nobilis que l'on a trouvé sur la victime mais personne n'est près de la scène crime.I've shaded the areas with the laurus nobilis foliage, which we found on the victim, but none is near the murder site.
Je vais sauter de là sur ce palier- Ce palier qui devient un peu ombragé.I'm gonna air off that into that landing - that landing that's getting shaded right now.

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