Chauffer (to warm up) conjugation

16 examples

Conjugation of eiti

Present tense
je chauffe
I warm up
tu chauffes
you warm up
il/elle/on chauffe
he/she/it warms up
nous chauffons
we warm up
vous chauffez
you all warm up
ils/elles chauffent
they warm up
Present perfect tense
j’ai chauffé
I warmed up
tu as chauffé
you warmed up
il/elle/on a chauffé
he/she/it warmed up
nous avons chauffé
we warmed up
vous avez chauffé
you all warmed up
ils/elles ont chauffé
they warmed up
Past imperfect tense
je chauffais
I was warming up
tu chauffais
you were warming up
il/elle/on chauffait
he/she/it was warming up
nous chauffions
we were warming up
vous chauffiez
you all were warming up
ils/elles chauffaient
they were warming up
Future tense
je chaufferai
I will warm up
tu chaufferas
you will warm up
il/elle/on chauffera
he/she/it will warm up
nous chaufferons
we will warm up
vous chaufferez
you all will warm up
ils/elles chaufferont
they will warm up
Past perfect tense
j’avais chauffé
I had warmed up
tu avais chauffé
you had warmed up
il/elle/on avait chauffé
he/she/it had warmed up
nous avions chauffé
we had warmed up
vous aviez chauffé
you all had warmed up
ils/elles avaient chauffé
they had warmed up
Past preterite tense
je chauffai
I warmed up
tu chauffas
you warmed up
il/elle/on chauffa
he/she/it warmed up
nous chauffâmes
we warmed up
vous chauffâtes
you all warmed up
ils/elles chauffèrent
they warmed up
Past anterior tense
j’eus chauffé
I had warmed up
tu eus chauffé
you had warmed up
il/elle/on eut chauffé
he/she/it had warmed up
nous eûmes chauffé
we had warmed up
vous eûtes chauffé
you all had warmed up
ils/elles eurent chauffé
they had warmed up
Future perfect tense
j’aurai chauffé
I will have warmed up
tu auras chauffé
you will have warmed up
il/elle/on aura chauffé
he/she/it will have warmed up
nous aurons chauffé
we will have warmed up
vous aurez chauffé
you all will have warmed up
ils/elles auront chauffé
they will have warmed up
Present subjunctive tense
que je chauffe
that I warm up
que tu chauffes
that you warm up
qu’il/elle/on chauffe
that he/she/it warm up
que nous chauffions
that we warm up
que vous chauffiez
that you all warm up
qu’ils/elles chauffent
that they warm up
Present perfect subjunctive tense
que j’aie chauffé
that I have warmed up
que tu aies chauffé
that you have warmed up
qu’il/elle/on ait chauffé
that he/she/it have warmed up
que nous ayons chauffé
that we have warmed up
que vous ayez chauffé
that you all have warmed up
qu’ils/elles aient chauffé
that they have warmed up
Imperfect subjunctive tense
que je chauffasse
that I would warm up
que tu chauffasses
that you would warm up
qu’il/elle/on chauffât
that he/she/it would warm up
que nous chauffassions
that we would warm up
que vous chauffassiez
that you all would warm up
qu’ils/elles chauffassent
that they would warm up
Past perfect subjunctive tense
que j’eusse chauffé
that I had warmed up
que tu eusses chauffé
that you had warmed up
qu’il/elle/on eût chauffé
that he/she/it had warmed up
que nous eussions chauffé
that we had warmed up
que vous eussiez chauffé
that you all had warmed up
qu’ils/elles eussent chauffé
that they had warmed up
Conditional mood
je chaufferais
I would warm up
tu chaufferais
you would warm up
il/elle/on chaufferait
he/she/it would warm up
nous chaufferions
we would warm up
vous chaufferiez
you all would warm up
ils/elles chaufferaient
they would warm up
Conditional perfect tense
j’aurais chauffé
I would have warmed up
tu aurais chauffé
you would have warmed up
il/elle/on aurait chauffé
he/she/it would have warmed up
nous aurions chauffé
we would have warmed up
vous auriez chauffé
you all would have warmed up
ils/elles auraient chauffé
they would have warmed up
Imperative mood
warm up!
let's warm up!
warm up!
Past perfect imperative mood
aie chauffé
have warmed up
ayons chauffé
let's have warmed up
ayez chauffé
have warmed up

Examples of chauffer

Example in FrenchTranslation in English
- "Y a plus de poêle à chauffer?- Want to warm up on the brick stove?
- C'est long à chauffer.- Takes a while to warm up.
- Il faut chauffer du lait pour Jacek.- We must warm up some milk for Jack.
- Il faut d'abord la chauffer.- Takes a while to warm up. It does me too.
- Je peux me chauffer ?Do you mind if I warm up?
- Faut le temps que ça chauffe. Tais-toi.Sometimes those things need to warm up, like the car.
- Il faut qu'il chauffe.- Wait for it to warm up. - With this heat?
Bart, chauffe la voiture.Bart, warm up the car.
Bien, pour commencer, j'aimerais qu'on se chauffe un petit peu. On applaudit.Well, first of all, I just want to warm up a little bit.
Il faut qu' il chauffe un peu, c'est tout.It just needs to warm up a little. All right.
Maintenant, chauffez vous !Now, warm up!
Au fond de l'étable, le scalpel chauffé sous l'aisselle d'une vache, mordez un bâton, sortez le ventre, et dites adieu à toutes vos petites douleurs.Down the barn, scalpel warmed up in a cow's armpit, bite on the rag, stick your tummy out, and it's a big hello to those perky little pain gates.
Et bien, la promenade sera plus calme une fois que le cœur aura chauffé.Well, the ride will smooth out once the core's warmed up.
Il m'a chauffé, là.You just got me warmed up, baby.
J'ai chauffé la salle.I warmed up the place.
J'ai chauffé tes chaussettes.I figured your footsies were cold, so I warmed up your socks in the dryer.

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