Aaaaand here it is!

We have been quiet and busy for many months. But finally, we are ready to share with you the newest reincarnation of CoolJugator!

We have come a long way from 2011, and even from our most recent versions. In the new release you’ll find tons of improvements, both noticeable and behind the scenes. We want to tell you all about it so let’s dive straight in!


The first thing you’ve obviously noticed already is the completely redesigned look of CoolJugator. We have listened to your feedback and made a website which is more intuitive to navigate, easier to view on both mobile and desktop and has many features helping you to get the most out of our data.

We have made the tables more compact, eliminating the need for a long scroll. We are also making it possible to tune what you see on the page by default to your own usage preferences. You can now toggle between showing and hiding such elements as verb form translations, transliterations and accentuation. Your choices will be remembered and appear on other pages you visit.

Our new design also works better on mobile devices. The choice of expanded and collapsed tables is also remembered, tailoring your experience of CoolJugator to your personal needs.

To put the icing on the cake, new logos and visual elements make the website look great and more fun to use!

Behind the scenes

What you see is only a small part of what CoolJugator really is. Under the bonnet we have rebuilt our database (which now runs on Postgres), and redone our search tool (which has versions both on Postgres and Maria DB). These changes makes search and page retrieval much faster.

In addition to that, we have built an entirely new content management system, which can help us modify existing and add new data with ease. Not only that, but now any user can start contributing to the database using this new system! If you would like to contribute, drop us a line!

Quality control

A new step in the evolution of CoolJugator is the recent launch of an extensive process to involve native speakers to review as much data as possible. As described in About us, we strive to guarantee the highest possible quality of information on our website. Manual review is the conclusive step in this process, which is why we built the new content management system.

Now you can also be part of this process! We are looking for more volunteers to help us make our website the best conjugation resource on the web! If you would like to get involved, please get in touch (see contact details on the bottom of the page). However much or little time you have to spare for us, all of it we’ll put to great use!:)


We have been collecting your feedback and incorporating it as much as possible into the new version of CoolJugator. And we’d be happy to hear what you like and don’t like about it and what else we can improve! You can use one of the links on the footer of the page to submit new ideas and feedback.

Future plans

The work of course doesn’t stop here. We are planning to release more languages, keep improving the quality of our data and keep making CoolJugator more useful to all language learners around the world! You can help us by providing feedback, volunteering to help in our proofreading mission or by donating to help us run the website.

We hope you like what we’ve built! Happy conjugating!