Write conjugation

Conjugate write

Present and Past

Simple I write you write it/she/he writes we write you all write they writeI wrote you wrote it/she/he wrote we wrote you all wrote they wrote
ProgressiveI am writing you are writing it/she/he is writing we are writing you all are writing they are writingI was writing you were writing it/she/he was writing we were writing you all were writing they were writing
PerfectI have written you have written it/she/he has written we have written you all have written they have writtenI had written you had written it/she/he had written we had written you all had written they had written
Perfect ProgressiveI have been writing you have been writing it/she/he has been writing we have been writing you have been writing they have been writingI had been writing you had been writing it/she/he had been writing we had been writing you had been writing they had been writing

Future and conditional

SimpleI will write you will write it/she/he will write we will write you all will write they will writeI would write you would write it/she/he would write we would write you all would write they would write
ProgressiveI will be writing you will be writing it/she/he will be writing we will be writing you all will be writing they will be writingI would be writing you would be writing it/she/he would be writing we would be writing you all would be writing they would be writing
PerfectI will have written you will have written it/she/he will have written we will have written you all will have written they will have writtenI would have written you would have written it/she/he would have written we would have written you all would have written they would have written
Perfect ProgressiveI will have been writing you will have been writing it/she/he will have been writing we will have been writing you will have been writing they will have been writingI would have been writing you would have been writing it/she/he would have been writing we would have been writing you would have been writing they would have been writing

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Usage information for write

This verb can also mean the following: be, south africa, imprint, impress durably, be an author, be the author of, prologue, make, prove by own written testimony, impress, walter besant, show, record, make known by writing, send, engrave

Examples of write

Example in English
! Anytime you write your name down, it's going in somebody's database and then being sold to somebody else.
! He's a two-bit TV actor... who won't be around any longer than it takes for the ink to dry on the pages of the worthless rags you jerk-offs write for! (silence)
! I got a paper to write!
! I really don't have a whole lot of a control as to how smart or stupid you look Harriet, except for the TV show that I write which made you a star.
! I wanted to write her a song But one thing caused me alarm !
" The undersigning, Cpt. Peruvian Army, Services, Pantaleón Pantoja, responsibe of organizing a special service... for garrisons and frontier posts of the Amazon region ... respectfully writes, greets and informs:...
"16-year-old girl writes smartest, sexiest book since 'lolita.'"
"16-year-old girl writes smartest, sexiest book since 'lolita.
"2sly4u" writes--
"American Herald" writes you don't agree with Rockefeller. Who?
! He's the one writing those dark-ass novels, he didn't like Wayne hitting on him at the bonfire.
! Just keep writing your apology!
! Just... take the award, tell them what an honor it is writing huge checks so ghetto kids can go to college.
" My father responds to everything by writing a check, rather than just listening to me."
"....or if you want me to keep on writing to you ?
" And said unto them," it is written, " My house shall be called...
" Does he actually get what I mean? "It's not singing a carol that already exists. " And I said, "What song?" And she said, "One you've written. "
" I wait what it forgives to have written to him, I me them will be careful.
" Suicide note written by Bill Shepard in 1978.
" but, you know, where is it written that the ugly guy never gets the girl?
! I found this letter you wrote to my mom, Mona Simpson.
! Well, yeah, I wrote it down.
! Whoo! Okay, gentlemen, while you were in the isolation bathroom, we asked the ladies a couple of questions and they wrote down what they thought your responses would be.
! Yeah, okay, well, that's why I wrote it in pencil, see?
! you wrote that?

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