Take conjugation

Conjugate take

Present and Past

Simple I take you take it/she/he takes we take you all take they takeI took you took it/she/he took we took you all took they took
ProgressiveI am taking you are taking it/she/he is taking we are taking you all are taking they are takingI was taking you were taking it/she/he was taking we were taking you all were taking they were taking
PerfectI have taken you have taken it/she/he has taken we have taken you all have taken they have takenI had taken you had taken it/she/he had taken we had taken you all had taken they had taken
Perfect ProgressiveI have been taking you have been taking it/she/he has been taking we have been taking you have been taking they have been takingI had been taking you had been taking it/she/he had been taking we had been taking you had been taking they had been taking

Future and conditional

SimpleI will take you will take it/she/he will take we will take you all will take they will takeI would take you would take it/she/he would take we would take you all would take they would take
ProgressiveI will be taking you will be taking it/she/he will be taking we will be taking you all will be taking they will be takingI would be taking you would be taking it/she/he would be taking we would be taking you all would be taking they would be taking
PerfectI will have taken you will have taken it/she/he will have taken we will have taken you all will have taken they will have takenI would have taken you would have taken it/she/he would have taken we would have taken you all would have taken they would have taken
Perfect ProgressiveI will have been taking you will have been taking it/she/he will have been taking we will have been taking you will have been taking they will have been takingI would have been taking you would have been taking it/she/he would have been taking we would have been taking you would have been taking they would have been taking

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Usage information for take

This verb can also mean the following: deal with, be, transport, favor, receive, photograph, select, catch, absorb, cause, page 529, engage, reckon, bind, deduce, consider as an example, condition, page 7, pass, lodge v simonton, obtain, submit to, use up, remove, use, accept and follow, charm people, come, suffer, walter besant, in the eclectic magazine, appropriate, lead, page 108, decline, become, go, be affected in a specified way, endure, control, grasp, subtract, move, believe, have effect, max brand, let, visit, have sex with, deal, consider, come upon, page 179, make, apply, obtain for use by payment, be given, end by death, get into hands, begin, participate in, participate, undergo, sir thomas malory, lease, deliver, conduct, captivate, chapter iii, give, have the intended effect, write down, accept the statements of, defeat, can, be subjected to, seize, adopt, gain, get in, fill, get, assume, suppose, exact, be absorbed properly, adhere, affection of, ascertain, page 59, receive into some relationship, charm, secure the interest, page 210, cause to change to a specified state, derive, avail of, obtain money from, win, accept, page 107, choose, page 103, begin to grow after being grafted, bind by, carry, regard, consider in a particular way, submit, apply to the study of, regard in a specified way, feel, page 442, page 126, draw, grip, be impregnated by, experience, require, go into, page 357, determine by measurement, proceed, contract, receive regularly by, get possession of, put into, catch the ball, consume, chapter xj, conclude, proceed to fill, blue bridge, avail, acquire, have, do, understand, win acceptance, kill, possession, in le morte darthur, pick, be able to be accurately, decline to swing at, write, convey to another place, capture, let in, can we date this quote, book xiii, transfer into own possession, escort, page 125, have an be used with, move into

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