Stand up conjugation

Conjugate stand up

Present and Past

Simple I stand up you stand up it/she/he stands up we stand up you all stand up they stand upI stood up you stood up it/she/he stood up we stood up you all stood up they stood up
ProgressiveI am standing up you are standing up it/she/he is standing up we are standing up you all are standing up they are standing upI was standing up you were standing up it/she/he was standing up we were standing up you all were standing up they were standing up
PerfectI have stood up you have stood up it/she/he has stood up we have stood up you all have stood up they have stood upI had stood up you had stood up it/she/he had stood up we had stood up you all had stood up they had stood up
Perfect ProgressiveI have been standing up you have been standing up it/she/he has been standing up we have been standing up you have been standing up they have been standing upI had been standing up you had been standing up it/she/he had been standing up we had been standing up you had been standing up they had been standing up

Future and conditional

SimpleI will stand up you will stand up it/she/he will stand up we will stand up you all will stand up they will stand upI would stand up you would stand up it/she/he would stand up we would stand up you all would stand up they would stand up
ProgressiveI will be standing up you will be standing up it/she/he will be standing up we will be standing up you all will be standing up they will be standing upI would be standing up you would be standing up it/she/he would be standing up we would be standing up you all would be standing up they would be standing up
PerfectI will have stood up you will have stood up it/she/he will have stood up we will have stood up you all will have stood up they will have stood upI would have stood up you would have stood up it/she/he would have stood up we would have stood up you all would have stood up they would have stood up
Perfect ProgressiveI will have been standing up you will have been standing up it/she/he will have been standing up we will have been standing up you will have been standing up they will have been standing upI would have been standing up you would have been standing up it/she/he would have been standing up we would have been standing up you would have been standing up they would have been standing up

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Usage information for stand up

This verb can also mean the following: launch, time, bring, avoid a prearranged meeting, rise from a lying, rise, continue, stand immediately behind the wicket so as to catch balls from a slow, stand, and to attempt to stump the batsman, continue to be believable, last, do, propel upwards, avoid, spin bowler, bring something up and set it into a standing position

Examples of stand up

Example in English
! - No one can stand up for you!
"Beautiful lover, beautiful man, let my poem do the talking, let it stand up and whisper in your heart. "
"By the way, do you still want Jeff to stand up for you?"
"Check him to the left, check him to the right, stand up, sit down, shh."
"Come on, stand up straight... what's the matter with you?"
"All you can do is meet him standing up with honor," he used to say.
"Bitch, I am standing up."
"For some, it's as simple as standing up for a friend..."
"It's about standing up for our rights as human beings "and refusing to submit when we've done no wrong.
"The Wave gives our lives meaning, "ideals worth standing up for."
"A strong man stands up for himself.
"But Clayton stands up and he says, 'Your Honour, sir.
"I'm going where I want to, because a man stands up. "
"Our chap's not a coward, but he stands up and grips the table
"hey, wait a minute, let's look at this coolly and rationally and carefully, and see actually how much merit, how much this stands up, they will be ostracized.
"Afterwards, the audience stood up and cheered
"And so without knowing why just yet, she stood up."
"And they should-a stood up to them at the time in a war zone,
"And today, from the same place someone has stood up and challenged me."
"Carolina stood up naked out of the tub and asked for a towel.

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