Show conjugation

Conjugate show

Present and Past

Simple I show you show it/she/he shows we show you all show they showI showed you showed it/she/he showed we showed you all showed they showed
ProgressiveI am showing you are showing it/she/he is showing we are showing you all are showing they are showingI was showing you were showing it/she/he was showing we were showing you all were showing they were showing
PerfectI have shown you have shown it/she/he has shown we have shown you all have shown they have shownI had shown you had shown it/she/he had shown we had shown you all had shown they had shown
Perfect ProgressiveI have been showing you have been showing it/she/he has been showing we have been showing you have been showing they have been showingI had been showing you had been showing it/she/he had been showing we had been showing you had been showing they had been showing

Future and conditional

SimpleI will show you will show it/she/he will show we will show you all will show they will showI would show you would show it/she/he would show we would show you all would show they would show
ProgressiveI will be showing you will be showing it/she/he will be showing we will be showing you all will be showing they will be showingI would be showing you would be showing it/she/he would be showing we would be showing you all would be showing they would be showing
PerfectI will have shown you will have shown it/she/he will have shown we will have shown you all will have shown they will have shownI would have shown you would have shown it/she/he would have shown we would have shown you all would have shown they would have shown
Perfect ProgressiveI will have been showing you will have been showing it/she/he will have been showing we will have been showing you will have been showing they will have been showingI would have been showing you would have been showing it/she/he would have been showing we would have been showing you would have been showing they would have been showing

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Usage information for show

This verb can also mean the following: become, be, put in an appearance, fit, guide, appear, display, suit, have a certain appearance, have somebody see, be seen, confer, indicate, have an enlarged belly and thus be recognizable as pregnant, have, do, unfit, bestow, put, finish third, finish, escort, be visible

Examples of show

Example in English
! - 'Cause I wanted to show Hayley how much I liked her.
! - You show up at Deacon's thing wasted?
! - You stole my ideas, freak show!
! Abbs, I told you, I'll call you as soon as they show up.
! Animal pre-show cry!
! - He showed 'em how it works.
! Faster and showed yourself
! I showed him mine and he won't show me his.
" Hani Hanjour, well basically what happened with him " " is... he showed at the airport and wanted to get "
"...if all those people who did that just showed up here..."
! My boy's up there and he's showing real talent and you're ruining it for him!
! Oh, this... my master here was just showing me the right way to rub.
"90% of success is showing up on time."
"@mrbryancollins for showing us all what real love is."
"Abandon your home, abandon your father... give up any hope of a normal life and... take up arms with a man who thinks... resistance is about showing off with the bow."
! Grimes has barely shown his face in weeks!
"...adjacent to the old Boot Hill Cemetery as shown on the enclosed map.
"...have shown reverence to the gods, have offered thanks to the gods, also the inhabitants of Cos..."
"...that I've never, ever shown" "Just won't give up on me..."
"A mirror reflects a man's face, but what he's really like "is shown by the kind of friends he chooses."
! Oh, and, Piggy, the best part is that even though you're the only female host on late-night, it shows you're brave enough to say, "I can't do it without a man." Hmm.
!" They're on our TV shows.
"... shows that they probably are not written by the same person."
"...and bouncing a ball shows the humans' cruel nature."
"...and due to the overwhelming demand, there will be additional shows added whenever and wherever possible."

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