Set conjugation

Conjugate set

Present and Past

Simple I set you set it/she/he sets we set you all set they setI set you set it/she/he set we set you all set they set
ProgressiveI am setting you are setting it/she/he is setting we are setting you all are setting they are settingI was setting you were setting it/she/he was setting we were setting you all were setting they were setting
PerfectI have set you have set it/she/he has set we have set you all have set they have setI had set you had set it/she/he had set we had set you all had set they had set
Perfect ProgressiveI have been setting you have been setting it/she/he has been setting we have been setting you have been setting they have been settingI had been setting you had been setting it/she/he had been setting we had been setting you had been setting they had been setting

Future and conditional

SimpleI will set you will set it/she/he will set we will set you all will set they will setI would set you would set it/she/he would set we would set you all would set they would set
ProgressiveI will be setting you will be setting it/she/he will be setting we will be setting you all will be setting they will be settingI would be setting you would be setting it/she/he would be setting we would be setting you all would be setting they would be setting
PerfectI will have set you will have set it/she/he will have set we will have set you all will have set they will have setI would have set you would have set it/she/he would have set we would have set you all would have set they would have set
Perfect ProgressiveI will have been setting you will have been setting it/she/he will have been setting we will have been setting you will have been setting they will have been settingI would have been setting you would have been setting it/she/he would have been setting we would have been setting you would have been setting they would have been setting

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Usage information for set

This verb can also mean the following: be, fasten to a spot, affix, adorn, fit, put in order in a particular manner, wager in gambling, begin to move, adjust, cause, establish as a rule, obstruct, arrange with dishes and cutlery, convert into curd, prepare, reduce from a dislocated, furnish, fit music to words, tend, render stiff, wager, put, rate, establish, state, value, become, defeat a contract, attach, move on, locate, be fastened, make, apply, compile, give a pitch to, flow, begin to germinate, begin, curdle, give, devise, cause to be, devise and assign, defeat, place, spread, stick, undertake earnestly, hunt, indicate, describe, extend and bring into position, strike root, reduce, start by fixing the keynote, direct, book iii, place plants, determine, put in a specified condition, assign, variegate with objects placed here and there, be fixed for growth, cause to stop, risk, solidify, become fixed, chapter ii, suit, plant, disappear, extend, introduce, render, stud, go forth, adorn with something infixed, have, do, lower, arrange, punch, prescribe, lower into place and fix solidly, sit

Examples of set

Example in English
! ) We all set then?
! As sexual harrassment lawsuits increase all over the state, the mother of all trials is set to begin!
! Cris told me to set up outside a Zumba class.
! Do you know how long it took for us to set all this up?
! Do you think we need another set of golf balls?
! What sets her off?
"... listened to the verdict that sets them free..."
"...where the sun rises and where it sets in the world."
"A proper courtly dance sets the tone for the entire afternoon."
"Arduous struggle over, healing calm sets over him."
" The setting of the sun is a difficult time for all fish."
"...setting the example..."
"...the pleasure of setting out with companions...
"A sense sublime, of something far more deeply interfused," "Whose dwelling is the light of setting suns," "And the round ocean..."
"A spring day under the rays of the setting sun."

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