Run conjugation

Conjugate run

Present and Past

Simple I run you run it/she/he runs we run you all run they runI ran you ran it/she/he ran we ran you all ran they ran
ProgressiveI am running you are running it/she/he is running we are running you all are running they are runningI was running you were running it/she/he was running we were running you all were running they were running
PerfectI have run you have run it/she/he has run we have run you all have run they have runI had run you had run it/she/he had run we had run you all had run they had run
Perfect ProgressiveI have been running you have been running it/she/he has been running we have been running you have been running they have been runningI had been running you had been running it/she/he had been running we had been running you had been running they had been running

Future and conditional

SimpleI will run you will run it/she/he will run we will run you all will run they will runI would run you would run it/she/he would run we would run you all would run they would run
ProgressiveI will be running you will be running it/she/he will be running we will be running you all will be running they will be runningI would be running you would be running it/she/he would be running we would be running you all would be running they would be running
PerfectI will have run you will have run it/she/he will have run we will have run you all will have run they will have runI would have run you would have run it/she/he would have run we would have run you all would have run they would have run
Perfect ProgressiveI will have been running you will have been running it/she/he will have been running we will have been running you will have been running they will have been runningI would have been running you would have been running it/she/he would have been running we would have been running you would have been running they would have been running

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Usage information for run

This verb can also mean the following: program, be, continue in force, transport, go at a fast pace, cause to be drawn, go through without stopping, follow, exert, juggle a pattern continuously, mould, cause, be generally received, print, migrate for spawning, make liquid flow from an object, cast, last, be driven, go quickly in thought, be in charge of, drive, put at hazard, venture, tease, pass, tend, incur, shape, carry in contemplation, make move lightly, put, unravel, incline, juggle, migrate, broadcast in the media, become, go, continue, move quickly, consequence, spread quickly, pursue in thought, control, move, have growth, become liquid, conversation, be operating, have precedence in a card game, be popularly known, make, achieve, force, flow, make something extend in space, make a machine operate, leak, extend in time, encounter, carry out an activity, be a candidate in an election, move forward quickly upon two feet by alternately making a short jump off either foot, go in company, flee, part ii, smuggle, permit, exert continuous activity, smuggle illegal goods, persist, sir walter scott, bleed, carry a football down the field, manage, in distinction from reaching, move swiftly, have a legal course, compete, transport someone, carry out a plan, thrust, sir josiah child, indicate, tease with sarcasms and ridicule, cost, strike, sail, sail before the wind, pursue, extend in space, time, execute, determine, cause to enter, become different in a way mentioned, carry, sail closehauled, risk, compete in a race, effect, have a liquid flowing from it, work normally, mark out, proceed, extend, sort, sir, make a liquid flow, flee away from a danger, melt, have, do, cause to move quickly, be attached, fuse, spread in an undesirable fashion

Examples of run

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