Put conjugation

Conjugate put

Present and Past

Simple I put you put it/she/he puts we put you all put they putI put you put it/she/he put we put you all put they put
ProgressiveI am putting you are putting it/she/he is putting we are putting you all are putting they are puttingI was putting you were putting it/she/he was putting we were putting you all were putting they were putting
PerfectI have put you have put it/she/he has put we have put you all have put they have putI had put you had put it/she/he had put we had put you all had put they had put
Perfect ProgressiveI have been putting you have been putting it/she/he has been putting we have been putting you have been putting they have been puttingI had been putting you had been putting it/she/he had been putting we had been putting you had been putting they had been putting

Future and conditional

SimpleI will put you will put it/she/he will put we will put you all will put they will putI would put you would put it/she/he would put we would put you all would put they would put
ProgressiveI will be putting you will be putting it/she/he will be putting we will be putting you all will be putting they will be puttingI would be putting you would be putting it/she/he would be putting we would be putting you all would be putting they would be putting
PerfectI will have put you will have put it/she/he will have put we will have put you all will have put they will have putI would have put you would have put it/she/he would have put we would have put you all would have put they would have put
Perfect ProgressiveI will have been putting you will have been putting it/she/he will have been putting we will have been putting you will have been putting they will have been puttingI would have been putting you would have been putting it/she/he would have been putting we would have been putting you would have been putting they would have been putting

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Usage information for put

This verb can also mean the following: state, go, urge, attribute, place, attach, set before one for judgment, lay down, oblige, throw, surrender, express, set into a certain relation, exercise, express something in a certain manner, bring to the attention, hare, direct course, set, constrain, convey, sir, condition, incite, convey coal in the mine, give up, play a card, place something somewhere, bring, entice, assign, lay, steer, throw a heavy iron ball, play, sir walter scott

Examples of put

Example in English
! ! They're gonna put me in the movies!
! - DooIey, put the gun down.
! - Think I'm gonna put up with that?
! - We gotta put him on a psych hold for his own good.
! - Well... - Just put that down!
! It puts John Ross and Sue Ellen in control.
! Well, who do they think puts all? their toys under the tree?
! Who puts the fucking phone on the fucking shelf?
" Deep throat" means when the woman puts the man's penis in her mouth.
"...tardy, puts colleagues at risk, unreliable..."
! Are you putting me on? !
! Hey Simpson. Let me save you the trouble of putting that money back in your pocket.
! What is this current obsession with putting "I" in front of things and believing that makes them special?
"...putting on the porter's coarser weave.
"..by putting a stamp on this heart."

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