Pay conjugation

Conjugate pay

Present and Past

Simple I pay you pay it/she/he pays we pay you all pay they payI paid you paid it/she/he paid we paid you all paid they paid
ProgressiveI am paying you are paying it/she/he is paying we are paying you all are paying they are payingI was paying you were paying it/she/he was paying we were paying you all were paying they were paying
PerfectI have paid you have paid it/she/he has paid we have paid you all have paid they have paidI had paid you had paid it/she/he had paid we had paid you all had paid they had paid
Perfect ProgressiveI have been paying you have been paying it/she/he has been paying we have been paying you have been paying they have been payingI had been paying you had been paying it/she/he had been paying we had been paying you had been paying they had been paying

Future and conditional

SimpleI will pay you will pay it/she/he will pay we will pay you all will pay they will payI would pay you would pay it/she/he would pay we would pay you all would pay they would pay
ProgressiveI will be paying you will be paying it/she/he will be paying we will be paying you all will be paying they will be payingI would be paying you would be paying it/she/he would be paying we would be paying you all would be paying they would be paying
PerfectI will have paid you will have paid it/she/he will have paid we will have paid you all will have paid they will have paidI would have paid you would have paid it/she/he would have paid we would have paid you all would have paid they would have paid
Perfect ProgressiveI will have been paying you will have been paying it/she/he will have been paying we will have been paying you will have been paying they will have been payingI would have been paying you would have been paying it/she/he would have been paying we would have been paying you would have been paying they would have been paying

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Usage information for pay

This verb can also mean the following: be, be profitable, give money, worth the effort, discharge, discharge an obligation, suffer consequences, other compensation to in exchange for goods, be profitable for, do what is due, other obligation, suffer, give

Examples of pay

Example in English
! I already paid her!
! I paid for that trip, Melanie, not him.
! I paid you to work, Sauron, not to go out on the mega-lash!
! I've paid for it 10 times over.
! Listen, two dudes paid me a G to drive this van.
! Do you know what that would pay?
! I'm smart, I pay well and I know talent when I see it.
! Now we get to pay $1,500, or twice that amount if they send it out to a lab or did some bullshit tests.
! Now, do you roll your own tampons, or do you pay someone to roll them for you?
! You don't, like, pay attention to how much each individual tips at each meal, right?
! And your sister's paying for everything?
! I'm not paying more in taxes, Dee.
"And how do you propose paying for this new resources board?"
"Are we paying for his food and drinks?"
"Because we'd not been paying much attention to where we'd been walking, "and because our walk had taken us through... "areas of deeper undergrowth and high grasses.
"A Lannister always pays his debts."
"Chaudhary sir pays for their education"
"Dude, it's the first time that my art pays me dinner."
"He who dies pays all his debts."
"I try to scare it, but it pays no heed."

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