Move conjugation

Conjugate move

Present and Past

Simple I move you move it/she/he moves we move you all move they moveI moved you moved it/she/he moved we moved you all moved they moved
ProgressiveI am moving you are moving it/she/he is moving we are moving you all are moving they are movingI was moving you were moving it/she/he was moving we were moving you all were moving they were moving
PerfectI have moved you have moved it/she/he has moved we have moved you all have moved they have movedI had moved you had moved it/she/he had moved we had moved you all had moved they had moved
Perfect ProgressiveI have been moving you have been moving it/she/he has been moving we have been moving you have been moving they have been movingI had been moving you had been moving it/she/he had been moving we had been moving you had been moving they had been moving

Future and conditional

SimpleI will move you will move it/she/he will move we will move you all will move they will moveI would move you would move it/she/he would move we would move you all would move they would move
ProgressiveI will be moving you will be moving it/she/he will be moving we will be moving you all will be moving they will be movingI would be moving you would be moving it/she/he would be moving we would be moving you all would be moving they would be moving
PerfectI will have moved you will have moved it/she/he will have moved we will have moved you all will have moved they will have movedI would have moved you would have moved it/she/he would have moved we would have moved you all would have moved they would have moved
Perfect ProgressiveI will have been moving you will have been moving it/she/he will have been moving we will have been moving you will have been moving they will have been movingI would have been moving you would have been moving it/she/he would have been moving we would have been moving you would have been moving they would have been moving

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Usage information for move

This verb can also mean the following: state, go, submit, posture, urge, impel, draw, posture in any manner, rouse by representation, cause, transfer, excite, arouse the feelings, change place, request an action from the court, position to another, apply, request, propose, in a deliberative assembly, convey, change residence, begin to act, apply to, sir thomas malory, take action, influence, incite, do, book vii, compassion, recommend, mention, excite to tenderness, appeal, set in motion, change, raise, arouse, cause to change place, push from one place to another, in any manner, go and live at another place, stir, act, carry

Examples of move

Example in English
! - Back, move!
! - Get a fucking move on or you're gonna die!
! - Go, quickly, move!
! - I'm gonna move them right now!
! - Last item on the list- move the table.
! - I think we moved through time.
! - You moved!
! I became an attorney only because I was so moved by what you guys did for me!
! Let's get it moved!
! That's enough, he moved away
" ""The Black Army moves in fury, peddling night and darkness."
" He moves slowly, carefully into the room, fascinated. "
" so the theme of the last two tribal councils has been big moves.
"..moves like a ghost."
"A few dance moves And a few dance steps "Night is submissive And the wind fades"
! And now try to follow me, because I'm gonna be moving in a kind of circular motion, so if you pay attention, there will be a point!
! I'm stupid for ever letting you talk me into moving into this scope in the first place!
! If we're moving her, we gotta move now.
! Is he moving out?
! Mama, the Goliath's moving pretty fast!

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