Let conjugation

Conjugate let

Present and Past

Simple I let you let it/she/he lets we let you all let they letI let you let it/she/he let we let you all let they let
ProgressiveI am letting you are letting it/she/he is letting we are letting you all are letting they are lettingI was letting you were letting it/she/he was letting we were letting you all were letting they were letting
PerfectI have let you have let it/she/he has let we have let you all have let they have letI had let you had let it/she/he had let we had let you all had let they had let
Perfect ProgressiveI have been letting you have been letting it/she/he has been letting we have been letting you have been letting they have been lettingI had been letting you had been letting it/she/he had been letting we had been letting you had been letting they had been letting

Future and conditional

SimpleI will let you will let it/she/he will let we will let you all will let they will letI would let you would let it/she/he would let we would let you all would let they would let
ProgressiveI will be letting you will be letting it/she/he will be letting we will be letting you all will be letting they will be lettingI would be letting you would be letting it/she/he would be letting we would be letting you all would be letting they would be letting
PerfectI will have let you will have let it/she/he will have let we will have let you all will have let they will have letI would have let you would have let it/she/he would have let we would have let you all would have let they would have let
Perfect ProgressiveI will have been letting you will have been letting it/she/he will have been letting we will have been letting you will have been letting they will have been lettingI would have been letting you would have been letting it/she/he would have been letting we would have been letting you would have been letting they would have been letting

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Usage information for let

This verb can also mean the following: privilege, allow the release of, cause, allow, chapter iv, introduce, sir thomas malory, assign, grant, third person, leave, allow possession of, book iv, allow to, in le morte darthur, give, contract

Examples of let

Example in English
! "Christ, let's get cracking. Got to generate some serious heat!"
! - Don't let them take me out.
! - He won't let me go!
! - Shall I let her in?
! - You let the whole block hear you. - What's the matter with you?
"All right lets go.
"And one of the guys lets his dog loose enough to bite him in the leg.
"Brother, lets break this wall too - we'II move the neighbour and..." "build you a nice, big bathroom, jacuzzi...
"But the silliest part is, he lets all the fish go before he leaves."
"Come lets fall in love"
! If you are using, or if you are lying to me, if you're not going to your meetings, you can just pack up all your stuff and you can get out of my place I'm letting you stay for free out of my love for you.
" It's worth letting me in, ask anybody."
"... letting them fly free sky high."
"...and I played along," "letting you live in the doubt," "a doubt that would protect her,"
"...but no, that doesn't mean letting in whores,"

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