Include conjugation

Conjugate include

Present and Past

Simple I include you include it/she/he includes we include you all include they includeI included you included it/she/he included we included you all included they included
ProgressiveI am including you are including it/she/he is including we are including you all are including they are includingI was including you were including it/she/he was including we were including you all were including they were including
PerfectI have included you have included it/she/he has included we have included you all have included they have includedI had included you had included it/she/he had included we had included you all had included they had included
Perfect ProgressiveI have been including you have been including it/she/he has been including we have been including you have been including they have been includingI had been including you had been including it/she/he had been including we had been including you had been including they had been including

Future and conditional

SimpleI will include you will include it/she/he will include we will include you all will include they will includeI would include you would include it/she/he would include we would include you all would include they would include
ProgressiveI will be including you will be including it/she/he will be including we will be including you all will be including they will be includingI would be including you would be including it/she/he would be including we would be including you all would be including they would be including
PerfectI will have included you will have included it/she/he will have included we will have included you all will have included they will have includedI would have included you would have included it/she/he would have included we would have included you all would have included they would have included
Perfect ProgressiveI will have been including you will have been including it/she/he will have been including we will have been including you will have been including they will have been includingI would have been including you would have been including it/she/he would have been including we would have been including you would have been including they would have been including

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Usage information for include

This verb can also mean the following: enclose, contain, conclude, confine, terminate, part, do, comprehend, member, new york

Examples of include

Example in English
"'an exclusive group whose other members include...
"A leading light of die Sestigers, which include..."
"All forms of entertainment must include sexual explicitness... "andlor illegality." That's nice.
"An antispasmodic - active ingredients include belladonna alkaloids..." Belladonna - also known as witch's berry.
"B," you totally conned Kevin Sorbo, and "C," I have a life that happens to include a friendship with James.
! By rights, I'd want insurance not just for the bronze statue, but for the plant, too, since everyone in town, myself included, depends on it to live.
"...that included the entire village...
"A range of romantic gourmet dinners, delivered to your door, candles included."
"Active board members at the time included businessmen Lukas Hart III and US senatorial candidate Bob Roberts. "
"All articles which are excluded shall be deemed included."
"A depression that includes weight gain, "fatigue, irritability, "brought on by the low light of winter."
"Asian" includes many different cultural groups.
"But it my opinion, it was built by the ancients... and includes the superstitions of paraphernalia."
"Everything" includes versatile robotic machines... like "ATHLETE," which stands... for All-Terrain Hex-Limbed Extraterrestrial Explorer.
"He runs our family business,which now includes a winery.
" It was over-designed to withstand almost anything including hurricanes, high winds, bombings and an airplane hitting it... "
"""Freedom for all, including our enemies, will prove our strength."""
"... And also including the real property on 52nd street, "New York City,
"...including a pear-shaped pearl weighing 192 grains."
"...including where we are.

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