Go conjugation

Conjugate go

Present and Past

Simple I go you go it/she/he goes we go you all go they goI went you went it/she/he went we went you all went they went
ProgressiveI am going you are going it/she/he is going we are going you all are going they are goingI was going you were going it/she/he was going we were going you all were going they were going
PerfectI have gone you have gone it/she/he has gone we have gone you all have gone they have goneI had gone you had gone it/she/he had gone we had gone you all had gone they had gone
Perfect ProgressiveI have been going you have been going it/she/he has been going we have been going you have been going they have been goingI had been going you had been going it/she/he had been going we had been going you had been going they had been going

Future and conditional

SimpleI will go you will go it/she/he will go we will go you all will go they will goI would go you would go it/she/he would go we would go you all would go they would go
ProgressiveI will be going you will be going it/she/he will be going we will be going you all will be going they will be goingI would be going you would be going it/she/he would be going we would be going you all would be going they would be going
PerfectI will have gone you will have gone it/she/he will have gone we will have gone you all will have gone they will have goneI would have gone you would have gone it/she/he would have gone we would have gone you all would have gone they would have gone
Perfect ProgressiveI will have been going you will have been going it/she/he will have been going we will have been going you will have been going they will have been goingI would have been going you would have been going it/she/he would have been going we would have been going you would have been going they would have been going

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Usage information for go

This verb can also mean the following: be, be valid, fit, mike vouri, in holdens dollar magazine, make an effort, walter, follow, page 24, walk, undertake, die, say, last, travel on feet, on history, turn, elapse, page 129, pass, page 17033, sound, tend, ross macdonald, break, joy dettman, come, start, urinate, break down, come to, lead, enjoy, become, page 181, take a turn, bet an amount, be accepted, move, book xii, decay, make, apply, move away, slip away, be given, page 731, begin, function of, page 17, bid, pass along, page 2459, travel along, have a certain record, walter scott, weigh, be expressed, be usually, pay, new scientist, proceed according to, be spent, get by, page 48, second session, assume, travel, assume the obligation, subject to, offer, page 297, page 105, subject, turn out, be out, scarlet widow, be authoritative, fight, attack, be sold, page 191, do something while moving, end product, change, resort, be in general, be compatible, one sunday, move through space, yield, take, belong, work, result, time for one more dance, in kupperman 1988, date, survive, disappear, proceed, attend, out, extend, be discarded, give way, travel through time, be lost, leave, travel in order to do something, end, black money, serve as, have, collapse, do, be used up, function, navigate, break apart, defecate, sue raymond, page 155, make a noise

Examples of go

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