Continue conjugation

Conjugate continue

Present and Past

Simple I continue you continue it/she/he continues we continue you all continue they continueI continued you continued it/she/he continued we continued you all continued they continued
ProgressiveI am continuing you are continuing it/she/he is continuing we are continuing you all are continuing they are continuingI was continuing you were continuing it/she/he was continuing we were continuing you all were continuing they were continuing
PerfectI have continued you have continued it/she/he has continued we have continued you all have continued they have continuedI had continued you had continued it/she/he had continued we had continued you all had continued they had continued
Perfect ProgressiveI have been continuing you have been continuing it/she/he has been continuing we have been continuing you have been continuing they have been continuingI had been continuing you had been continuing it/she/he had been continuing we had been continuing you had been continuing they had been continuing

Future and conditional

SimpleI will continue you will continue it/she/he will continue we will continue you all will continue they will continueI would continue you would continue it/she/he would continue we would continue you all would continue they would continue
ProgressiveI will be continuing you will be continuing it/she/he will be continuing we will be continuing you all will be continuing they will be continuingI would be continuing you would be continuing it/she/he would be continuing we would be continuing you all would be continuing they would be continuing
PerfectI will have continued you will have continued it/she/he will have continued we will have continued you all will have continued they will have continuedI would have continued you would have continued it/she/he would have continued we would have continued you all would have continued they would have continued
Perfect ProgressiveI will have been continuing you will have been continuing it/she/he will have been continuing we will have been continuing you will have been continuing they will have been continuingI would have been continuing you would have been continuing it/she/he would have been continuing we would have been continuing you would have been continuing they would have been continuing

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Usage information for continue

This verb can also mean the following: make last, remain in connection with, stay, condition, prolong, make a continuation bet, resume, remain in a given place, abide, retain, put off, adjourn, remain, do, proceed with, make, new york, prorogue, proceed

Examples of continue

Example in English
! ...stocks continue to plummet to no end.
! Don't continue our silly things I like to with another woman, too Why?
! They've suffered too severe of an attack to continue the operation?
" " To continue does not boo the feather.
" The immigrants continue to enter in our country on the sly ... Under the protection ... " authorities.
""I continued my career as a composer,
"'Orny' continued ."
"...and...continued having sex with a subsequent ejaculation." The testimony of the women raised another issue.
"After a while, the sails were quickly unfurled and the noble ship continued her passage but soon the waves rose higher.
"After we left Cebu... we continued our trip in Southern Philippines.
" Break the spirit the deceased and continues to celebrate your life . "
"" It is official, we can say the House of Dior continues."
"After enduring 3,000 volts of electricity, "the subject continues to have a heartbeat.
"And NOW, Heroes continues..."
"And how is the country to feel when this industry... continues to employ bedraggled foreigners and swarthy refugees instead of real americans?
! We would provide continuing input from a simulated brain.
"... his continuing efforts to improve the quality of life... "for countless children and their families, "the city of Philadelphia proudly bestows upon its son...
"A progressive age regression beginning about the tenth year "and continuing steadily throughout the victim's lifetime.
"Bunking class and continuing on mountain tops."
"General de Gaulle is continuing...

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